Cashaysayan, A History of Philippine Money

I am a firm believer that we should teach the people, especially young children,  about history – history is filled with life lessons. We can avoid repeating the mistakes our forefathers did or be inspired by the heroic acts of several people who lived bravely.

Tahanan Book’s A Lolong Time Ago  has made learning about history more interesting and fun, especially for my kids and now, they have come out with the part 2 of Halo Halo Histories which is Cashaysayan, a History of Philippine Money.

It is a chronological study of our country’s currency, starting from the Barter System to the different coins and bills that has evolved over the many years as our country’s government changed in the past hundred years.


5 Things I liked about Cashaysayan!

  1. It allowed me to see money not just as a currency but a means to understand our country’s culture, identity and history.
  2. I learned so many trivia about our country and the people on the coins and the bills.
  3. The money trail was discussed and it showed me the process how we get our money designed until it gets printed.
  4. If I was collecting money, this book is a collector’s item itself! It has detailed information and photos of almost all the Philippine money we’ve ever had.
  5. The book was fun to read and it never bored me!

This certainly is a must-have for every Filipino family. As a homeschooling family, we found this book to be very useful and interesting. Philippine  history has never been more interesting! Bathala Na Productions Inc. is the team behind this book. The creators are Michelline Suarez, Joonee Garcia, Divine Reyes and Benjor Catindig.

I am already looking forward to read the upcoming Halo Halo Histories books.



Intramuros Cut and Fold Model Fort from Tahanan Books

My son is currently studying Philippine History. We read through the Philippine Revolution and when I saw the Intramuros Cut and Fold Model Fort from Tahanan Books, I knew it was a perfect project for him.

It came as a book. Complete with instructions and it has several pages to be cut, folded and glued! Though the instructions said that it is for 8 years old and up, I thought that it should be for a bit older kids like 10 and up because of the amount of work that one needs to do.

It took my son roughly one week to finish the whole project. He enjoyed cutting, folding and gluing the pieces together. It was a project that he really worked hard on and hopefully, he remembered most of the parts of Intramuros.

I bought this book at 295 pesos from Pumplepie books & Happiness. 

Tahanan Books in MIBF 2016

The MIBF 2016 is a few weeks away. Today, I shall be sharing with you some of the books that Tahanan Books will be launching at the book fair.


Welcome to a playground of words where sound makes sense!
By Auri Asuncion Yambao
Php 195


Join Sophia’s curious adventures in this humorous companion volume to Jomike Tejido’s  Ma-Me-Mi-Mumu!
By Jomike Tejido
Php 250


Philippine literary classics are reimagined for children ages 0-4. Bulilit board books combine charming story elements with basic concepts such as numbers, colors, and shapes.
Ibong Adarna: Aklat ng Bilang
Florante at Laura: Aklat ng Kulay
Noli Me Tangere: Aklat ng Hugis
By Eisen V. Bernardo
Php 320 each


Who doesn’t love a good story? That’s what HIS-story means — the story of us! Meet them and our country’s first families up close in this fascinating bookabout how our islands were formed, how our earliest ancestors lived, and the beginnings of our nation.
A LOLONG TIME AGO: A Prehistory of the Philippines
By Michelline Suarez, Joonee Garcia,
Divine Reyes, Benjor Catindig
For more information on Tahanan Books, visit

Tahanan Books New Releases at MIBF 2015

Quality books that celebrate Filipino life and culture, that is  Tahanan Books. We’ve often seen their books at Fully Booked and The Learning Basket but every Manila International Book Fair, we always visit their booth. Their booth often showcases Filipino culture and they have unique items like stationary and novelty items as well.

This year, I am looking forward to their new releases:


A story of a young girl who accompanies her mother back to Manila. A story that most Filipinos can relate to as it teaches about Filipino culture and heritage. Best for 4-8 years old.



A learn to read filipino book best for ages 0-4.


Teach the children to become law abiding citizens through Mang Andoy’s Signs and many more. The book is best for 4-8 years old.

Here’s the schedule of Tahanan’s Meet and Greet Our Authors and Artists for Manila International Book Fair 2015.