Parentin.TV Talk Series 3

Hope to see you there! Hubby will be one of the speakers!
He will talk about the Spiritual Side of Parenting.
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Here are some details!

Pro-Negosyo, Pro-Earth at Pro-Family

As a member of, I joined the 2nd talk series it held last Saturday November 21 at the World Trade Center. The talk series was entitled Pro-Negosyo, Pro-Earth at Pro-Family! The whole event was from 1-7pm. I was only able to attend the Pro-Earth and Pro-Family talks. We went out for awhile since the kids were hungry but when we went back, the talk series has already ended.

For its Pro-Earth talks, they featured Earth-friendly businesses like Powernut and Kababaihang Masigla. For its Pro-Family talks, they featured Cordlife, Maribel Dionisio of Love Institute, my hubby Erwin Amador. The Rainmakers performed during the break and I was able to chat a little with Ms. Tintin Bersola-Babao.

Ms. Tintin Bersola-Babao is the creative mind behind I personally came to know her by becoming a member of We have exchanged several tweets and she even joined us one Friday here at Mommy Moments. When I introduced myself to her last Saturday, I found out that she was down-to-earth and very friendly.

We bought two more books that she wrote entitled The Story of Christine and Si Kontra, Si Bida at si Big Boy Buwaya.

I learned something new and will blog about it separately. I also met a few of the other members that day but wasnt able to get to talk to any of them. I look forward to attending more events!