The Land of Me Review

If you are looking for a children’s software where your child will learn and experience more than just playing the usual games, I suggest you take a look at The Land In Me. As stated in the website, The Land of Me is a collection of creative software applications that allow children and grown ups to play together. Like a good picture book, the software wanted to make a world full of intrigue and mystery, a place where endearing characters lure the child into a gentle world of endless possibilities. Where the story goes from here is up to player, it is called Me after all.

Your toddler and preschooler can pretend that he is one the characters in the application. There are quite a bit of printable things to cut and make too. So be sure to check out at The Made in Me online shop. By the way, did I mention that the first chapter ‘Shape, Size & Colour’, is now available to download for free!