A Year After The Sound of Music

It has been a year since we watched The Sound of Music at Newport Theater. But the effect that music brought to my children still remains today.

My daughter loves to play the keyboard and is learning to play one song at a time. She loves to listen to the soundtrack of The Sound of Music and other musicals as well. While my son loves to sing along to the different songs, including songs from the musical and several songs they sing at church.

I certainly hope that we would be able to watch a  musical again this year.

Personal Reflection on The Sound of Music – A Musical for the Family

I was so excited to watch The Sound of Music at Newport Performing Arts Theater last night! I wasn’t a big fan of the movie but I have seen in when I was a child and am very familiar with the songs. But as I was going to the theater, seeing this stairway and anticipating the music I will hear – I couldn’t wait for the show to begin at 8 P.M. and have my kids watch it too!

As the show started, my kids were amazed with the huge LED screen, the great stage design and the wonderful music! They were able to sit through the entire show which lasted for almost 3 hours. They laughed in some scenes and they loved the songs. I myself enjoyed the musical immensely. I found myself singing and humming along the familiar songs. We were seated at the last row of the entire theater, so we couldn’t see the faces anymore of the actors and we didn’t know who played the parts but that didn’t prevent us from enjoying the production!

Aside from the music, I loved that the musical was rich with family values and heart warming moments.

There are several life truths that I saw from the musical…
> Music has redeeming power. Spend more time singing together or playing musical instruments together as a family. It would bring great memories and warm the hearts of each one. Music can express one’s feelings and this definitely can bring the family together.

> When our kids are already in their teen years, it is important to be their friend. Once you established a relationship with them, then you can help and influence them as the opportunity arises.

> Each child is unique. As parents, we need to learn about their individual gifts and personalities to appreciate them.

> We can serve God by doing His will, and accepting what He has for us – whatever it may be.

> We must face the problems that comes our way and not run away from them. They can never be resolved by leaving a situation.


This is a wonderful musical for the family that you shouldn’t miss!

The Sound of Music starts on October 15 and will run until December. Tickets are available at the Resorts World Manila Box Office and all TicketWorld outlets. Check out Resorts World Manila’s website for more information.