Have you ever experienced being pick-pocketed? Or lost your wallet at a public location? If you live in the metro, you would have some sort of similar experience. I can still remember the time when I experienced being pick-pocketed. I was still not married yet and I was on my way home when suddenly my bag became lighter and I knew someone has stolen my wallet! I felt violated and I was shaking all over. I couldn’t pin point who did it because as I looked back, no one was behind me, well no one close that is. It was a very unforgettable experience. Actually, it was very traumatic. Not only do you experience trauma, but you also have to go through reporting your stolen Ids and all. That is a major headache!

Nowadays though, physically losing your wallet is not the only way to experience theft. You can easily be a victim of identity theft! That is why it is important to know about these rfid blocking wallets and how it can save you from becoming one of the victims. Identity theft is a serious matter and we should think about protecting ourselves.