For the past 2 to 3 weeks, my little boy is always throwing tantrums. At least once a day that is! He would fuss about little things and then start to get angry and throw his toys or grab his sister’s things… Then he would cry and cry until he would say he doesn’t know how to stop! I am not sure how to handle it. Sometimes, I ask him what is the matter but he just keeps crying… sometimes, I just let him be, until he wants me to pick him up… and he starts calming down.

I know its just a phase he has to go through… but there days that I just don’t know how to handle his tantrums! I am realizing that my patience is on a short fuse these days!

Any Suggestions For My Toddler?

Since turning 2 years and 9 months old, Toby has become more independent. He doesn’t like me to get his clothes for him anymore. He wants to be the one to choose which clothes he would be wearing for the day. He also wants to use big plate like everyone, not the plastic type anymore.

Though, there are days that he becomes a cry-baby. Throwing tantrums every now and then. When I ask him why, he doesn’t reply instead he just cries or throw things. I still dont know how to make him stop throwing things when he is upset. Sometimes, I also can’t get him to stop being playful. He likes to play physical but he is hurting his sister most of the time by hitting and embracing too tight.

Do you have any suggestions?

Of Toys and Clothes

I can’t believe my toddler is now almost 2 years and 8 months old! He loves to play with all sorts of toys. Sometimes, he likes to play pretend or play with blocks or board games. Though my 2 year old son doesn’t understand how it works yet, he enjoys playing with the little pieces. One of his favorite toys at the moment is stuffed toys like the Jellycat Stuffed Toys. He pretends they are his pets. He also loves his wooden toys like the Haba toys. They are very educational and helps him with his fine motor skills. He can spend lots of time playing with these!

Regarding his clothes, he is still not very choosy as of the moment. Though he is very particular that when its day time, he needs to wear “daytime clothes” like the Appaman brand shirts and when its night time, he needs to wear his pajamas”. Barefoot dreams pajamas look so cozy that I want to purchase them for myself!

Caring for toddlers is a lot of fun but definitely requires lots of creativeness and patience! So when it comes to toys and clothes, I don’t really want to spend so much but I want to get as creative as possible for my toddler to enjoy and explore!