Saving Money on Your Holiday Travel

If you’re ready to take a trip with the family to visit friends or other relatives for the holidays, there are several ways you can save money on your travels. You can find many terrific deals online and even gain access to exclusive offers if you’re willing to do a little extra work. Here are three great ways you can save on holiday traveling this season.

Check the Coupon Websites

When I’ve browsed the numerous coupon sites to find deals on groceries and other household items, I’ve been surprised to find that many of these online sources also feature specials on traveling. is just one of many sites that bundles travel deals along with many of the other online coupons. You can retrieve the coupon codes for these travel deals and enter them on certain booking sites to enjoy huge savings.

Sign Up to Receive Deals by Email

Certain travel websites allow you to register your email address so that you can receive the latest offers directly in your inbox. The most reputable online sources are partnered with some of the leading airlines and hotels and will quickly notify you by email whenever the newest deals are posted. You also won’t have to worry about receiving a ton of junk mail when you register with many of these services. If you don’t plan on traveling for a while after the holiday season, you can opt out of receiving further emails.

Take Advantage of Credit Card Offers

Some credit card companies will instantly give you a certain amount of airline miles when you sign up for one of their cards online. Other companies may require you to spend a certain amount of money with your card before you receive your bonus miles. Either way, you can redeem your miles for free air travel whenever you’re ready to book your trip.

It’s easy to save money on your holiday vacation when you find all the great deals that are available online. If you just take some extra time to check out coupon websites carefully and sign up to receive the right deals, you can have some extra money to buy your kids’ Christmas presents.

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World Travel Is An Eye Opening Experience


If you have ever thought about traveling to a far off location that interests and intrigues you, why not make that dream a reality? Whether your wish is to visit Merry Old England or the jungles of southern Africa, there has never been an easier or more cost effective time to get out there on the road and visit your special place. The benefits of traveling the world have always been great, but now they’re easier to achieve than ever.

Opening Your Eyes To A World Of Possibilities

Traveling the world can open up your eyes to a fascinating new world of possibilities. You will see a whole other culture open up in front of you. You will taste new and different types of cuisine. You will learn new words, or perhaps even a whole new language, to use in your daily conversation. You may become intimately familiar with French or Italian wine. And your eyes will feast on sights such as the Bridge of Sighs, the Washington Monument, or the immortal Pyramids of Egypt.

Learning About The World Expands Your Mind

Not only will you see sights that you will remember for the rest of your life, but you will also make connections with people and cultures in parts of the world that you have always dreamed about seeing, but never had the chance to experience. Now that traveling is easier and far less expensive than it has ever been, the time to do so is now. Your mind will be enriched with experiences that few of your peers have ever shared.

There is so much potential for misunderstanding and hostility between neighbors when neither one of them really knows who the other person is, or why they behave the way the do. Now is your chance to see the world for yourself, and come to your own conclusions.

It’s Cheaper And Easier To Travel Than Ever Before

For example, if you are searching for ways to save money on hotels in London, you should check out a fantastic new website called Hipmunk. This is the site that is equipped to offer you fantastic deals on airline fares, hotels, and so much more. If you desire to travel the world without breaking your budget, Hipmunk is the site that deserves to become your one stop travel authority. Log on to their official site today to learn more about what they can do for you.

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Family Vacation at Dumaguete

One of my goals this year was to travel more than we did last year. I firmly believe that traveling is more educational than it seems. It gives the children a wider perspective about life and appreciation of God’s goodness, faithfulness and creativity aside from the fact that it builds memories with our loved ones.

Last week, we were blessed to be able to go to Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental. It allowed us to understand Philippine geography more as we looked at the map and learned where Negros Oriental was situated and how it differs from Negros Occidental. The family stayed at One Bethany Place and it was a nice cozy inn where liquor and smoking were prohibited. The prices of the rooms were also very affordable!


We traveled to Twin Lakes Nature Park and enjoyed the cool weather last Monday.



The lake was truly serene and peaceful. You can stay there all day staring at the scenery.

We also went to Azalea Coffee Shop. It was situated at the mountains where you have a magnificent view of the majestic mountains.


Then we toured Siliman University. It is the oldest American university in the country and the first in Asia Pacific. It was established in 1901. We even saw  one of the original buildings which is now a museum. The kids and I also went inside their library and visited some of their exhibits.



The next day, we went to Bais City and we rode on a motor boat to look for dolphins! It was really windy that day therefore the waves were strong. After riding around the area for about an hour and a half, we finally saw the dolphins! There were more than a dozen of them!

They swam ahead of our boat and beside our boat as if accompanying us! It was tryuly an unforgettable experience! I wasn’t able to get any photos but captured some of the moments on video instead.


One of the best views we’ve seen was the place they called sand bar. We arrived past 9am and saw the island in the middle of the sea! After  few hours, the island was completely swallowed up by the waves.

IMG_2978 IMG_3017

We also went to the town proper of Dumaguete and saw the Rizal Blvd, the famous Sans Rival bakeshop, the Lee Supermarket and Why Not restaurant. We also went to a souveneir shop and was amazed at the low prices of the Filipiniana items!


We really enjoyed our stay at Dumaguete because the people are really hospitable and gentle! The place was clean and though the streets were 2 way, the drivers were courteous. The food was delicious and cheap, and the servings were generous.

It was our first time to this wonderful city and I know it won’t be our last.




Sun Phobic? Love History? Come to Britain.

Although we have a severe lack of sunlight and get a lot of rainy and cold days, tourists flock to Britain every year to soak up her sights and her history. I think that’s the main thing: history. People can’t get enough of our history. But, Britain isn’t just about historical sites, no. Britain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We have the perfect climate for things that grow. We have mountains, lakes, rolling hills, and thick forests. New Zealand can leave, as Britain is the true Middle Earth. Tolkien’s inspiration was these British Isles and I’m going to briefly talk about the highlights of each nation within these green isles.



Let’s start with England. A lot of people confuse Britain and England. England is just one of the countries within Britain, but it does have London … and the Beatles … and Shakespeare … and Harry Potter … and Alfred Hitchcock … and Cary Grant … and Lawrence of Arabia … I could go on. England is the best and I’m not just saying that because I live here … Okay I am; sue me. England has got some great sites, like the West Country, the Lake District, the New Forest, the Forest of Dean, and the Yorkshire Moors, to name a few. Look for some dog friendly hotels by My Pawson and come along. England is the perfect dog lovers’ country. We love dogs over here, plus the best way to see England, in fact the whole of Britain, is to walk it and with a dog, it’s even better.


The home of Anthony Hopkins, T.E. Lawrence (although, as stated above the film was English – just saying), Catherine Zeta Jones, Dylan Thomas, and Tom Jones. Wales is England’s sister, and Britain’s soul. A very patriotic and passionate people. When the Welsh break out in song, the world shivers. Wales is a definite stop when visiting Britain. The coast is magnificent as are the hills and fields, as well as places like Cardiff and Carmarthen.



Ah, the Scots, home of William Wallace, Robert Burns, Walter Scott, Annie Lennox, and the bag pipes. If you come to Britain, make sure you time your visit to coincide with the Edinburgh festival as it is the largest arts festival in the world and proves to be spectacular every year – even the uber-reclusive Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami put in an appearance last year. The Scottish people are fiercely loyal and when they feel strongly about something, there is no stopping them … unless it’s an independence referendum …

Northern Ireland

The last stop on our British tour: Northern Ireland, where Van Morrison hales, as does Liam Neeson, C.S Lewis, Seamus Heaney, Kenneth Branagh, and ‘Danny Boy’. Northern Ireland, has recovered well from the Troubles and places like Belfast are now booming with culture and commerce. The whole of Ireland – Northern Ireland included – is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and should not be missed.

There you have it. The highlights of Britain, although there are way too many to mention, so these are the highlights of the highlights …

Great Tips for Holiday Travels

One of the benefits of homeschooling is that we get to spend more time with the kids. Every day that God gives us, we get to invest our time and make memories with them. On our regular days, we stay home, read and study, experiment and learn. But there are special days that we can learn outdoors. We take a nature walk at the park or travel farther and travel to other places.

Traveling together as a familybrings great opportunities to learn together. Learning about geography, culture and the world becomes more real when traveling is involved. It also brings the family closer as they share wonderful memories together.

With the busyness of life and the financial amount needed in traveling, it is important to plan for those trips that the family will take. Here are some tips for holiday travels:

– Plan an annual family vacation. This can help calendar in everyone’s schedule for the year and make sure everyone’s calendar is blocked off for that family travel. You can also budget how much you can and you want to spend on this trip.

– Decide on a destination where your family can learn a lot from and enjoy the same time. Take some time out on September breaks uk would be a great way for the kids to learn more about world history.  They can see how UK has evolved and see personally all that they have learned from their history lessons.

– Seach for good deals. Many deals on bank holiday breaks this summer are being offered by Butlin’s. They offer many activities for those families who like to do a lot together and you can choose which accomodations suit your family best.

– Plan what you want to be accomplished in your itinerary so that you won’t waste a single day. Research about your destination before leaving so you have a general idea about the weather, the food, the people, the money and what to expect when you reach your destination.

– Don’t forget to be document the trip you made by taking notes, keeping brochures, receipts and taking photos of the places you have visited.

– Once you reach your destination, quit worrying and enjoy your travel with the family. These opportunities don’t come very often!