My Basyang Experience

Last night was another one of those sleepless nights. And it’s all because of the typhoon Basyang. Typhoon Basyang started to blow its winds by 9pm and with each hour that passed, the winds grew stronger and stronger. Until about 12 midnight, I could hear our roof being battered by the winds. Power was out and the kids were still asleep but around 1am, they woke up and said that it was hot and wondered why it was so dark. We embraced each other and I fanned them to sleep.

I couldn’t sleep peacefully at all. And when the winds have finally stopped, it was the only time I was able to go to sleep. It was definitely a tiring night. When I woke up, our roof’s shingles were scattered everywhere on our lawn. It was a nightmare. The plants are all a mess. Wood that came from the neighbour’s was also there. It was chaotic.

Anyway, I have yet to start cleaning our lawn area…. Hopefully, tomorrow is a brighter day.