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mommy moments

Mommy Moments is a weekly meme where you can join by sharing any “mommy moment” that happened recently in your life. Moments pass by too quickly and often we forget about them. These special moments are meant to be cherished thus we came up with this meme in order to preserve those wonderful memories we have with our kids. Please include the badge which can be found here. Then just enter your name and the URL address of your post below on the Mr. Linky, so we can all visit one another and see what you have shared with us this week!

Since watching our first PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) and Football game (Philippine Azkals vs Sri Lanka) last year, our family has become a fan of sports. We have followed Azkals games, whether live or just through TV, PBA games and most recently, the UFL (United Football League) in the Philippines. It has become a favorite family bonding activity recently. We root for our teams and we support them!

Just last Tuesday night, we watched the UFL championship games and saw a great finish to a league we have started to follow early this year. I know that my son is inspired to play and do better as he watches the UFL games week after week. If you ask him where he wants to play when he grows up, he would often tell us “UFL” 🙂 I am hopeful that someday, he will be able to become a good football player which will inspire the next generation to play their best for God’s glory and for their country.