Choices in Life

Life is all about choices. What to eat when you wake up, what to wear for the day, what to read, what to spend your money on, what to pursue, who to hang out with, what to do and it goes on and on. Our choices are based on what we deem is important in our life. So to make wise choices, we need to understand what is our priorities in life. To figure out what should be our priority or what is important, we need to understand our values and our identity. Just as the sail sets the ship’s course, our identity will anchor us and set our course in life.

How we see ourselves – our identity – is of utmost importance. While we were children, we often believe who we are based on what our parents or loved ones tell us and made us feel. As we grow through our teenage years, we believe we are who are peers say we are. As young adults, we see ourselves through the experiences we’ve had during our childhood and what the world sees in us.

But these can all be subjective – meaning, it varies on our family background, childhood experiences and life situations. As we grow though, we learn that our life on earth is not smooth sailing and people around us are not perfect. They can be unreliable or unjust so if we base our identity on them, we will have a very distorted view of ourselves.

Knowing this, we must reach out to the one who created us and loved us since the beginning of time. The Lord Jesus Christ has always loved us, no matter how bad or how good we were. He first loved us and that is enough to anchor our lives on Him. He is the first and the last. He is all powerful, ever faithful, just and loving. If we look at ourselves through His loving eyes, we are sinners who were saved by His blood. Therefore, we are His.

Whatever is important to Him, it will be important to me. Whatever is valuable to Him, it will be my priority in life. My choices will now align with His will.

I can think of no better way to live this life. By making wise choices, through the wisdom that the Lord has given me. I pray that you will also make wise choices so that your everyday matters in the perspective of our eternity.