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Christian HomeSchool Hub {Download Club}
Sometimes, I need to search the web for supplemental materials for my 7th grader and my 4th grader and that times time. So when I saw that offers thousands of educational materials, I was excited to see what an annual subscription to  CHSH Download Club will offer to our homeschooling family.

Christian HomeSchool Hub {Download Club}
CHSH – is the Christian Homeschool Hub. It was created by a homeschool mom who first began her career as a public school teacher, Lynda Ackert, in 2010. She loves creating educational materials and hence decided to put up a hub where everyone can use these materials. The has over 50,000 pages of materials available for teachers and homeschoolers alike! This site is continuously being updated with new contents so the list of materials continues to grow!

What is included in the CHSH Download Club subscription?


Access to thousands of learning materials included worksheets, lapbook materials, instructions, flashcards, notebook pages, curriculum (for languages), checklists, writing prompts and many more.

There are also organizational materials for homeschool moms  like planning forms, how-to-homeschool resources, graphic organizers, awards and certificates and calendars.


You can search the library by using the CATEGORY, TOPIC or KEYWORD search fields. Another way is by browsing through the list by subject. The subjects available are Bible Related Resources, Languages, Arts Music and Crafts, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Electives, Health.

You can also browse through by grade level which includes Kindergarden, 1st-3rd grades, 4th-8th grades, 9th-12th grades.

You can also look at materials available per month or according to events happening per month.


How did I use this product?

Since this product is hosted in an internet server, I just needed to register online and I was given the annual subscription access. I used my Mac machine and used Safari browser to access the website. I just needed to have a stable internet connection.

I wasn’t looking for anything specific so I browsed through the entire hub by subject. I decided to share with you the resources which interested us.  Here are the top 3 most interesting Bible resources I’ve seen:

People of the Bible Noteboking Pages


Proverbs Copywork


Notebooking Through Old Testament


For the languages, I checked out the Spanish language curriculum. It consists of Teacher’s Guide, Student Edition, posters/flashcards, games/puzzles and some Spanish unit books.  The lessons is about conversational Spanish and seems easy enough to follow.

chsh 6


For Arts Music and Crafts, my daughter is interested in Knitting so I downloaded the file and she tried to follow the instructions.

chsh 7

Under Electives, I also checked out the Character Studies since we needed one for our new school year. It was really nice since it was simple enough to follow yet deep enough for our discussions. There are 20 character traits in each volume and there are 2 volumes. The suggested use is 1 character per week.


Here are the list of characters included in Volume 1


The lesson starts with a definition and then a series of discussion about the character trait of the week. Then if you have the suggested book, your children can read it and answer the literature connection questions.

How much is this product?

You can get annual subscription fee of only $25 or for lifetime only for $99.99.

What do I think about the product?

For the $25 annual subscription fee, I think you are getting your money’s worth. The CHSH Download Club offers numerous worksheets and materials that you are can use for your entire homeschool year for all your children.  It would save you lots of time instead of browsing the net over and over for the resources you would need. This is a one-stop shop for homeschoolers everywhere.

How to contact CHSH – ?

Visit their website or connect with them through their social media pages.

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Christian HomeSchool Hub {Download Club}
Crew Disclaimer Review

Homeschooling my 6th grade daughter has been challenging and I need all the help I can get! Thankfully, as part of this year’s  Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was given a one year access to subscription in exchange for a review. We’ve been using the Pro Plan subscription to supplement my daughter’s middle school subjects!

HelpTeaching Review is an online tool to help teachers do their work at school or at home. It is a web based repository of free printable worksheets and activities covering the four basic subjects of language arts, math, science and social studies for grades K-12. There are other pre-made seasonal and holiday worksheets, early education worksheets, arts and music, study skills, graphic organizer and physical education worksheets as well.

HelpTeaching Review
As a teacher at home, I found the Test Maker to be really useful! I used the TestMaker to create my own quizzes and customized worksheets for my daughter’s needs. Questions came from their library of pre-made questions, which are aligned to Common Core Standards.  Questions can be searched by typing in a keyword or by browsing through the list of subjects. I also tried to make the questions myself. The TestMaker allowed me to save the test questions I created so I can re-use them later for other quizzes. I  chose to print the tests for her. But I also have the option to save them as PDF files.

helpteaching1I also tried to use the Test Maker to make customized tests for my 3rd grade son and it was truly helpful as well. It was easy to use and save for future quizzes.

But most of the time, I just used the pre-made quizzes for my daughter. I just searched for the subject that I need, then check the topics for her grade level. Then I print out the quiz that I need her to take. Answer keys are also provided so I was able to  easily check her answers after.

Here is a sample quiz on Math about Percentage for 6th grade.



If I wanted her to take the quiz online so that I don’t have to print, I can just click on “Take Now” and then she can take the online test. The test will be automatically checked and graded.

One of the other features that I really like is the Game Generator allows you to create Word and Number Bingo Games or Word Search that you can print or save as a PDF file.

HelpTeaching Review also has made middle school and high school online lessons easily accessible. They use embedded videos from Khan Academy, and Bozeman Science to help self-directed learners to further understand the lessons. It is listed per grade level then further categorized by subject so it is easily searchable. Here is an online lesson on Language Arts for my daughter in 6th grade.


As the teacher, I can easily click on assign and send this to my daughter’s email account so she can read and study this lesson.


Here is a screen shot of the different topics that my daughter can learn under the Language Arts category.



Using the free account of will give you limited access to worksheets and allow you to create limited numbers of questions in the customized tests. For just $24.95/year, you can get the Pro license and access all the premium content. You also get to save your own tests as PDF files. You may also Test Room to administer online tests and lessons for your students.



I am truly grateful to have tried this product It has helped me administer tests for our current homeschool year.I really like it that I have different options, whether to print, to save as PDF or to let my student take the quiz online and that it is very easy to use.  I do recommend this product to my fellow homeschool moms. It is such a time saver!


For more information on, check out their social media pages:





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HelpTeaching Review
Crew Disclaimer