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Since my daughter started first grade a couple of years back, we have started studying world history. It is not a common thing here in the Philippines as I remember studying world history only during my high school years. But reading, studying and discussing world history with my daughter has given her a deeper appreciation of life, of the world and of God. I believe that it has shaped her world view that evil things happen, men can be evil but God is always good and faithful.

As I study history along with my children, I realized that the struggles of mankind hasn’t really changed over the years. The problems often start from man’s selfishness and sinfulness. The cycle of history often repeats itself throughout the generations because man didn’t learn the lessons from the past.

There are different world history books out there but we chose to use books which are written from a biblical perspective. I am sharing with you some of the world history books and curriculum which I think are worth checking out.

Mystery of  History by Linda Hobar. Published by Bright Ideas Press, this history series has 4 volumes. It is written in chronological order and classical study style. It includes multi-age activities, book and video lists, memory helps, timeline suggestions, quizzes, and map work. We’ve used the first 2 volumes for the past 4 years and we’ve enjoyed reading through it. 


Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer. Published by Peace Hill Press, this series has 4 volumes. It is written in a straight forward and engaging style. It is also available as an e-book and audiobook. We’ve not yet used this series but have heard of good reviews.


Self-paced Online History by Veritas Press. This is an online video history curriculum and has 5 courses available. It is a fun and interactive history curriculum. My daughter has recently been using this and has helped her remember her lessons more.

Veritas Press Review

Studying world history expands one’s world view and understanding of the world. Moreso, it allows us to see the true state of mankind and what God has done for us. I have personally been enjoying history time with my children, and look forward to learning more with them!

Home School in the Woods Great Empires Review

My 9 year old daughter is very much interested in world history. So when we were asked to review Home School in the Wood‘s Great Empires Activity Studies through the Schoolhouse Review Crew, we were both excited to see what we will learn through this activity study!

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The Great Empires Activity Studies consists of PDF files which includes texts, projects and printable activity pages. The 14 empires in the whole study includes Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Arab Muslims, Engish Empire, French Empire, German Empire, Japanese Empire, Mongols, Russian Empire, Spanish Empire, United States and the Vikings.  The projects lists include  recipes, games, maps,  hands-on projects based from the text, some crafts and list of reference literature which you can use for further in-depth studies.

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The text materials for each empire consists of  1-3 pages and activities consists of 5-10 pages. Each empire study can be covered in 3 days, depending how in-depth you would like to pursue the study of each empire. It would take you less than 2 months to go through the entire Great Empires activity study. You can do the activity in any order since each empire is independent of the other but if you would like to see the chronological order of events in world history, you can use the Timeline provided as your guide.

We are on summer break already so my daughter is able to work on the Great Empires activity study at least 3x a week. We didn’t follow the chronological order of the empires, instead we chose the empires according to preference. We worked on the Vikings first since she is most interested in them. We read the text and immediately after our discussion, we worked on the printable projects like creating a map of the voyage to Vinland and researching about the Viking Longboat or Longship. Then she created her own Viking coins.

She read the French empire next and worked on the important moments in France’s history. She cut out the figures and put them in chronological order. She enjoyed this activity very much because she was able to remember the famous people we have studied in our history lessons months before. It is interesting to see that she is able to retain so much information.


The Spanish Empire is another interesting empire for her because it shows the different Spanish explorers who discovered many parts of the world, including our own country, the Philippines.


I myself enjoyed the activity study because of it’s hands on approach and brief history summary. It gave me an overview of world history in less than 2 months. My daughter enjoyed the activity study immensely because she loves to read and do the hands on activities. Though the suggested grade for this activity is elementary students, we would recommend this activityfor students in 3rd grade and above because there is a lot to read. You can get the entire study at a very affordable price of $18.95 only for the download version and $19. 95 for the CD version.

If you’d like to know more  about this product or see the other activity studies from Home school in the Woods, click to read more reviews from the Schoolhouse Review Crew!

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