Meeting Baby No. 2

After 7 hours of labor, baby boy Toby Justin has finally arrived via normal spontaneous delivery. He was barely 6 pounds and he seemed so tiny! After I was able to recover, I immediately went to the nursery to see him and breastfeed him…

As a baby, Toby seemed to be crying most of the time. He was even admitted to the hospital on his 6th day, because his pedia then was so worried that Toby was still so yellowish. It turns out that he was diagnosed with breastmilk jaundice.

By the 2nd or 3rd month onwards. Toby became a happy baby and was relatively quite easy to please. He is always smiling and very sociable. He always seem to make us laugh with his facial expressions and his antics!

He is now a very active toddler at 1 year and 8 months! And we are still breastfeeding though he is also drinking milk supplements from the sippy cup.

Toby, you are God’s gift to us! God is good (this is what Toby means).
We are blessed to have you!

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