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I got this one from Dyes. Thanks! 🙂


Do you read books to your child?
Yes, most of the time.

Does your child like to read books?
Yes, especially before we go to sleep. We read several books together.

Do you like to buy new books or is second-hand ok?
We buy new books but if there are good second hand books, its also fine with us.

Post a picture of your child’s bookshelf if you have one.

Drop a line in this blog if you receive this tag and do it.


This is the bookshelf of the kids!

Here are some of their favorite books…

This is the very first book of Kyla, The Caterpillars of Ha-Ha. We started to read it together when she was 5 months old. Toby also enjoyed this book when he was about a year old.

If you have a child who likes books, feel free to snag this one 🙂


  1. really nice blog!
    greetings from italy

  2. we have the almost exact same book, except ours is MY BIG ANIMAL BOOK, and Bea can name all the animals, even the Kookaboora. =)

  3. hi! ang daming books ah! 🙂

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