What Are They Watching?

We know that children ages from 0-7 learn by watching the people around them. They are the products of what they see in their homes and in their environments. They learn by imitating grown-ups. As parents, we have a tough job of always checking ourselves if we are “Walking the Talk” in our own homes.

But recently, the media ( which includes the T.V., Movies, Internet, Games…) has also taken a huge part in “showing” or “teaching” the children morals and values. So, as guardians and parents, we also need to check what our children are watching. So, what do you allow your children to watch on TV or movies or videos?

My kids love to watch Barney and Bob the Builder especially now that TV5 are airing them daily.They also like to watch the movie Cars from Walt Disney. They also like to watch some Elmo and Dora videos. They also like Thomas and Friends.

If you are buying them videos, here are some of my recommendations:

– VeggieTales video collection from Big Idea. They show good values and teach the children about God. They also show some Bible stories with good songs which catches the attention of the kids.

– Hermie and Friends by Max Lucado. The stories center on Hermie, a caterpillar, and his friends from the garden. They show good values like obeying your parents and telling the truth.

Do you have recommendations? Do post your comments. I would like to know what your kids are watching. And maybe, we can share some good movies too.


  1. Jadon loves Barney, Dora, Diego and Yo Gabba Gabba. He knows Hermie also but usually grows bored after a few minutes. Veggie tales, unfortunately, are not his type. He is literally scared of the cucumber and broccoli. Probably it’s because of the low tone of voice.

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