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Today is my first entry for “At the Well”. I hope I do it correctly. The host for today’s topic is Sunny. The topic is “Preparing a God-honoring Schedule with No Regrets”.

Here are the questions Sunny asked:

1. Have you ever planned your day, week or month, then regretted making the commitments you’ve made, wondering if your plan was the right one? Yes I have

2. Have you ever wondered if you should’ve said “yes” to one person and “no” to another and just weren’t sure what the best thing to do was? Yes I have

3. Who or what does your schedule represent? Does it represent you, your affinities, or your love for Christ? I am a stay at home mom and my family takes up most of my time. I want to do more so that I can share Christ especially my family and my friends who are unbelievers.

Schedules help me get organized for the day. It keeps me on track with all the things I need to do. I love to list the things I need to do for the day, sometimes, I also list down things I want to get done for the month.

When I got married at age 24, I was still working 8-5 and was very much involved in ministry in the church. But when I gave birth to our first born, I decided to be a stay at home mom. I believed that this is what God wants me to focus on. The transition was difficult at the beginning. I was home everyday and cared for a newborn. I didnt have much of a social life. I was only out during Sundays to attend worship services. But later on, God showed me through the Holy Spirit that even when I was only home, I can honor Him and whats more, how I use my time was a way of serving and honoring Him.

My schedule nowadays revolve around caring for my 2 kids. Here is a summary of my day: I wake up in the morning to prepare their breakfast, give them a bath, bring Kyla to school, help Toby to sleep, fetch Kyla, eat lunch with the kids, review Kyla’s lessons, help Toby to sleep again, play with the kids, have dinner with them, give them a bath, read books with them and let them go to sleep. When hubby comes home, we spend some time chatting and watching some movie or TV series together, sometimes we will have Bible study together. And lastly, I spend a couple of hours working on some projects or working on my blog. Of course, during the times when I dont have anything to do, I clean the house and fix stuff and do some chores 🙂

I would definitely like to adjust my schedule so that I can allot more time in studying and reading the Bible. I definitely think I lack in this area. Eventually, when Toby goes to school also, I would have a bit more time to do some extra stuff like attend a Bible study.

Sometimes, I get guilty that I am unable to join or participate in ministry activities, but then I am reminded that how I live my life is what being a Christian really is. Its not just when I am inside the Church, but how I live life when I am with family, with relatives, with friends, with unbelievers.

You can check out Sunny’s site for more on this topic.


  1. momstheword says

    You are absolutely right about what living for the Lord really is. Living for the Lord transforms us from the inside out. It’s not just a Sunday thing, it’s every day. Great job and this was my first At The Well post too!

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