I Am Thankful!

* For God who loves me unconditionally. No matter where I’ve been or what I’ve done *
* For my loving and responsible husband. Can’t imagine life without you*
* For my 2 kids. God’s blessings. My inspirations *
* For my parents and in-laws *
*For my sister. Wouldn’t want any other. You’re the best *
*For my brother. Just for being who you are *
* For our internet connection. Allows me to connect to people *
* For all my friends. Old and new. Wherever they are *

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  1. Wonderful things to be thankful for! Found you on Mommy Community!

  2. it is wonderful when we could give thanks for every little things we have.

  3. MommyCommunity says

    Awesome list! I too am thankful for Internet Connection – I failed to list that on my list. Thanks for joining our meme.

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