Nap Time?

I just want to know. Do your kids take a nap during the day? For how long?

My 4 year old doesnt take a nap anymore. She keeps herself busy with anything she can put her hands on. My 22-month old is changing his nap time. He used to take 2 naps a day. One at 1030am and another one at 3pm. Around 1 hour each. But for this past week, he has been refusing his afternoon nap. I think his body clock is changing. Though I still want him to take a nap so he can wind down a little (and i could rest a bit too). I think I should make him take his nap at around 12pm instead. So that he wouldnt be too tired in the late afternoon.


  1. my son doesn’t take a nap everyday na rin…. busy playing. i guess tama lang in prearation for school tapos sa weekends babawi.

  2. @enchie: how old is your son? what school does he go to?

  3. hi chris! kaka 4 lang niya nung september. by june of 2009 ma enroll na namin siya.

  4. hi! my daughter takes her nap once a day nalang also, at around 10am until 1pm. used to be twice, but it changed na rin.

  5. Hi Chris, you’re right, his body clock is changing. A short afternoon nap is a great idea so he won’t be cranky later. :o)

  6. my daughter takes 2 naps before 2, but change to once a day, right after lunchtime which worked well when I enrolled her to school. Unlike othere kids she has a full day of school 8am to 5pm, which is only 3 times a week. She normally takes a nap after lunch when she’s in school which will last 2 hours. Then she;; take an afternoon snack and then lessons again. (yes, chris i enrolled her to kiddo, the school i mentioned in my blog).

    Thanks for all your comments, right now you’re on close second to Sherry, keep those comments coming. Id like to meet you, hopefully we can chat when we visit lba, my ym is jpespino11.

  7. kid looks so adorable while sleeping. Got me thinking of taking a nap too. LOL!

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