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This was supposed to be my entry for Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival.

I have a 4 year old little girl who is a picky eater. She eats certain kind of food only and is very particular. Let me give you a few examples of how picky she gets. She wants her spaghetti without ground pork or hotdog, she doesnt eat veggies (only eats cabbage from time to time), she doesnt like fruits except for banana and apple. she didnt like ice cream until she tried ube flavor a few months ago. she doesnt like to try and explore very much. she is very cautious about everything and that includes trying out new food. When she was a baby, she wasnt very picky but when she turned 2, she started to choose which food she like to eat and not eat. I really have no idea what made her so picky. Now, I have a 22 month old little boy. He also started out not picky. He used to eat anything I put on his plate. But recently, I noticed that he started to remove or not eat certain food. Maybe, he is imitating his older sister.

With this dilemna, I try to offer them different kinds of food. We try to cook our food differently and as we experiment, we offer it to them. I also show them eating fruits and veggies are good for the body and encourage them to try it out too. I haven’t been very successful so I am looking around for any other tips that I can use.

I am not very picky about what my kids eat. I just make sure they eat their meals and enjoy meal time. I also give them cow’s milk as their milk supplement at least 2x a day. I allow them to eat chips once in a while, but we do not make it a regular part of their food intake. I am opposed to having them drink sodas. I am glad my little girl doesn’t like soda. My little boy likes ice cream a lot. We buy ice cream once in a while but not so often too.

I used to worry about their intake of carbs/protein/fats etc, but I realized that worrying is not healthy and can not help them or me at all. I do my best to offer a balanced meal (as our budget allows us) and encourage them to try out new food.

If you have any tips on how I can help my picky eaters become not so picky, I would like to hear from you!


  1. Hi there I have 2 little girles, and my oldest doesn’t eat vegtables at all. She haits them. If I really want her to eat some, I grind it and mix it in with the food. Sometimes you cant hide the vegtable, so I put it on her plate. She needs to try it, But even if she has 1 corn then it is fine. She dosn’t eat them most of the time. I just make sure that I give her her vitamins, and she gets extra calcium because she doen’t drink milk. Also I have a feeling that kids know what there body need. Rebekah sometimes will only eat rice, and other days all she will eat is meat. I don’t stress about it, becase She is healty and still growing. If she stoped then I would worry. But even the doctor said she will eat all she needs. So I offer it to her, and she can have as much or as little as she wants


  2. My son is starting to become picky already. I noticed, when he watch me cook any ulam, he kinda builds a certain excitement/anticipation for him to taste it. In a way it it makes my job easier giving him the right food.

  3. momstheword says

    My youngest was a picky eater. With my oldest, we just said he had to finish his dinner or no dessert. Didn’t work with our younger, he just said “O.k.!”

    He would smell foods and if he didn’t like the smell, he would fuss about eating them. He continued to be picky until about age 7 or so.

    When he was a toddler/preschooler I let him eat things he liked, but when he started school I started insisting he eat what was before him. Now he pretty much likes anything.

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    God bless.

  5. hi chris I agree with jodi’s. mix it with the rice, or hide the vegertable under the rice 🙂 then cover the spoon full with the your child’s fave of the day.

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