Toy Hunt – Toys that Talk

This is my Toy Hunt for this week.

This is Toby’s construction truck. The driver of the truck talks and turns his head. He just loves this!


  1. It looks like it is a Big truck!!!!! A talking Truck Driver that must be interesting!!!!!!

    Have a Lovely Weekend Mom Chis!!!! Enjoy!!!

  2. Hi Chris! My little boy will want one :)He has a truck but it doesn’t talk .

  3. FickleMinded says

    OMG!! my seven yr old love all kinds of truck!

  4. My son would love that! Happy weekend!

  5. Hi! Just stopping by from the toy hunt. Cute truck!

  6. thanks for dropping by Chris! Have a great week. 🙂

  7. sweetytots says

    kids love toys that make sound.. btw, you can still catch up, you have a total of 44 comments so far.. but dont worry i am giving 2 prize, in case sherry wins, she will convert the prize to cash and the toy will still be up for grabs just like my first giveaway in sweetytots.. so just keep on commenting.. because new participants are catching up too..

  8. That looks like a great toy! My son would probably love that, but he has too many toys already (mostly gifts), so I’m hesitant to buy him more.

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