Toy Hunt – Toys with Legs

This is my toy hunt for this week.

Meet Kyla’s recent favorite toy, her Barbie dancing princess.

Come and join us in TOY HUNT


  1. Love the purple theme 🙂

  2. every little girl I know loves Barbie… and wow, what a cute dancing princess you have here…

    happy weekend! My toyhunt is up as well: Meet Woody and Buzz

  3. every girl nag has a barbie.. would you believe I have one too very special yon coz my dad gave it too me when I was in college, uwi nya from Japan hehe so nasa box pa yon and would not let anyone take it out. may sentimental value sa akin yon esp. my dad is not around anymore.. aww drama

    eto sa akin

  4. i also had a barbie when i was a little girl…. 🙂

  5. Aww, cute barbie… You know what I like about it??/ her Gladiator shoes!!!!!!! In na in si Barbie!!!!!!

  6. wow, i never had a barbie when I was a kid. Deprived baga…now I can buy one but hesistant…walang magmamana eh…boy ang anak ko hehe

  7. Wow legs! 😉 Yeah that’s the kind of toys with legs, not much for boys. My tot loves toys with wheels more than with legs ;-). Mine is up to here

  8. how pretty is that Barbie! fab!

  9. Awe a dancing Princess Barbie, love the purple

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