Way to Go, Kyla!

I am so thankful to God that He gave Kyla strength to overcome her nervousness and stage fright when she performed on their United Nation’s Celebration Day last October 30. I am proud so proud of you Kyla…

When Kyla started school this year, I have done a bit of a research about Kyla’s temperament. And I found out that she has a slow-to-warm-up temperament. True enough, when school started and they had some programs, she would always just sit on the side and not join. It was also quite difficult to convince her to initiate changes… but thank God… she has finally warmed up to her teacher and classmates and also school activities 🙂
Anyway, I would like to share with you what I found out about temperaments of children related to school…

What is Temperament?
Temperament describes individual styles or the “how” of behavior. These personal characteristics can be seen when children are playing with friends, doing their math assignment, or watching television. We all recognize children who are “always on the go,” as compared to others who move at a slow and deliberate pace. We also know children who are overly intense, who have a ”short fuse,” and who are easily irritated and upset. Still other children are shy, uneasy in new situations and with new people.

There are three kinds of temperament:
Easy children, are adaptable, positive in mood, and interested in new experiences; they get along well with others and are outgoing and friendly.
Slow-to-Warm-Up children, are characteristically withdrawn and negative when faced with new situations and new people; they are initially slow to adapt to change but, given time they adapt well.
Difficult children,tend to be intense, low in adaptability, and negative in mood, as well as negative in their response to newness.
Information was taken from Temperament in the Classroom


  1. My daughter just finished their UN presentations too. I have the same sentiments as you.. USch a proud mommy!

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