32 Reasons To Be Thankful

Today, on my 32nd birthday, I just want to thank God for the following:

– For the gift of salvation.

– For an abundant life, in all aspects.

– For a loving and responsible husband.

– For a bright, creative and understanding daughter.

– For a sweet and cheerful son.

– For a cozy, just-right-for us home.

– For a good, working car.

– For supportive parents.

– For a supportive and caring sister.

– For a sweet brother.

– For loving in-laws.

– For our internet connection.

– For friends who remembered my birthday today.

– For our new church family, GCF Sta Rosa.

– For opportunities to earn financially.

– For every experience that allowed me to grow closer to God.

– For our past church family COG-Makati and Lighthouse Laguna.

– For every new online friends I gained through blogging.

– For Friendster and Facebook, which allowed me to reconnect with long lost friends.

– For the Word of God, which inspires, encourages and rebukes me.

– For a working laptop. Thanks to hubby, he upgraded the memory so its working a bit faster.

– For the gifts I have received.

– For the love, joy and peace that God has blessed me with.

– For the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom.

– For the blessings I have often took for granted.

– For the books I have been able to read; movies and TV series that entertains me.

– For the opportunities to share God’s blessings with others.

– For the travel opportunities I had when I was still working.

– For the normal deliveries of both my kids.

– For a healthy family.

– For the hope that goes beyond this life.

– For Jesus Christ.


  1. happy birthday!!!!!

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