At The Well – Purity

Today’s At The Well is hosted by Heather from Emotional Purity. Here are the questions she asked:

  • What are ways we exhibit this type of purity in our relationships with others?
  • What are some of the roadblocks we run into when having a “clear conscience” with God and man?
  • Would you like to share a story of how God has called you to have a pure conscience and the outcome of your obedience.

    Being pure in a world like ours is very difficult. In fact, it is impossible. Everyday, we encounter different sorts of people. Some are easy to get along with, some are just difficult. We respond to people based on how they interact with us. Sometimes, it is also based on our circumstances. We become grumpy when we have a bad day. We become judgmental towards others. We may show favoritism towards the people we like. We talk behind the back or gossip about other people’s lives. And the list can go on and on.

    God has commanded us to be pure in thoughts and in our speech. We are to have integrity. We are to be sound. I believe we should regard one another with respect. We must not let our prejudices get in our way. It is so easy to say it but it is quite hard to accomplish.

    I know that I can only do this when I have the love of Christ in my heart. I pray that may God change my heart. Make my heart be more like Christ’s. May the love inside burn away the self-righteousness and selfishness. So that when I have the opportunity, I will be able to show purity in speech, thoughts and actions. So that God would be glorified in me.


  1. Great truth that you shared. It is very difficult to be pure in today’s world. May God change our hearts and make it more like His. Beautifully said!

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