Christmas Coke Glass

Finally, we were able to exchange our Coke caps for a Christmas Coke glass 🙂


  1. wow!!! coke glass!!! akalimutan ko yan ah!!! sana pala nag collect ako sa party nmin kagabis a church eheheh =)

  2. tnx for dropping by ha! heheh cge bah contest tayu ulit hehehe =) naku mukhang mahgpit n lbanan next tym hehehe =)

  3. Good for you!
    It looks as red as Santa Clause!

  4. The 1 Corinthians 13 for Christmas on my blog was sent to me. I gave all the credit I had. You are welcome to share it.
    (Your e-mail in blogger comes back to the “no reponse blogger address)

  5. Blackpool Stags says

    Just wondering if anyone has had an update or heard…. i think about them all the time.thanks..

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