Having A "Mary" Christmas

Today, we are discussing Having a “Mary” Christmas At the Well. The host is Tracy from Thirsty for Him.

She posted the following questions for us to answer.

Keeping “Christ” in Christmas with Practical Ideas

Do you find yourself stressed each Christmas, trying to “DO” all of the activities of the holiday, only finding yourself depleted and wondering if your family celebrated the true meaning of Christmas?

What are practical tips and ideas you can share that celebrate Christ and simplifies Christmas?

Since Christmas is a few weeks away, I think this is a nice topic to discuss. Everyone is busy buying gifts, wrapping gifts and thinking of parties to attend here and there. We are not excluded. We have bought gifts already for a few friends and “inaanak” but we haven’t finished buying presents for our families yet. It can be stressful. And having to jump from one party to the other does deplete my energy. And it doesn’t leave me much time to ponder on the true meaning of Christmas. So this blog helps me to focus again.

So how do we keep “Christ” in Christmas? Since Kyla is now 4, I am beginning to explain to her why there are gifts in Christmas and what is most important about Christmas. I have shared with her the other day about Jesus and what He has done for us. I also emphasized to her that Christmas centers on Jesus Christ. The gift giving are done because of what Jesus did for us. And because of love.

Another thing that we do is every Christmas, we ask the kids to share their toys and books with other children, especially less fortunate children. Since they receive so many blessings during Christmas time, it is but right to share the blessings they receive with others too.

Lastly, we usually celebrate Christmas day with both our extended families and we prepare the Christmas day meal for them. We cook special dishes for them. Since we dont have thanksgiving day here, this is our thanksgiving day as well. We also pray together as a family.

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  1. momstheword says

    Beautiful post, Chris! I remember having little ones at Christmas time. It is such a joy to see Christmas through their eyes. We used to make Jesus a birthday cake and they loved doing that.

  2. momstheword says

    Chris, I have a Christmas Spirit award for you on my blog!

  3. i love this blog chris, i will also do this to my children, ill teach the the true meaning of christmas! =) nweis thanks for visiting my site! =) i hava a tag for you…. http://jeslising.blogspot.com have a nice day!

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