Toy Hunt – Christmas Toy/ Decor Again

The theme for this week’s toy hunt is Christmas Toy or Decor

Here are some more Christmas decors! Only 11 more days before Christmas day… 🙂


  1. Is that a cookie jar????or just a decor???
    Thanks Chris…

    Anyway ,, have lovely weekend!!!!

  2. I like your decor…meron din ako dati ng parang sayo (the snow man), but I had to give it away…

  3. what a wonderful Christmas decorations, like it..

  4. hi chris how are you doing with sweety’s game? hehehe =)nice pics huh =) we have like that dn pero d naka display =)

  5. oh, they look charming and lovely 🙂

  6. Awww! They are really nice. I really hope we could build on these decors. 😉

  7. People with Cameras says

    These are very pretty. Took me a minute to figure the first on out – but it’s so cute!

  8. @joy the snowman is just a decor
    while the other one is a cookie jar! 🙂

    thanks everyone for the nice comments…

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