Toy Hunt – Favorite Toy Under the Christmas Tree

This week’s theme for Toy Hunt is Favorite Toy Under the Christmas Tree.

This is Toby’s Thomas and Friends collection. He always plays with them. He even knows the names of each train that he has.

Join us in toy hunting! Click here for more information.


  1. yeah,, pareho sila ni Braiden loves na lovessi Thomas and friends!!!!!
    I’ve already updated your URL…. Thanks

  2. hi Chris so nice of you coming by 🙂

    hehe… you mean you like to take part as participant? 🙂

    sure.. wait.. 31 Dec.. start.

  3. People with Cameras says

    Oh yes, my nephews love Thomas too. Your son has quite a nice collection!

  4. Thomas and Friends are cool classics. Even my daughter likes them too but she prefers watching the “new” episodes of the show. Hehehe!

  5. Thomas and friends rocks, they’re my kids favourite too!

  6. wahhhh!!! I missed Toy Hunt this week…if my son sees your thomas he’ll freak out asking for more trains 🙂

  7. My girls love Thomas.

    We actually got a chance to go to the “Day out with Thomas” this past October. We rode on a train that was “pulled” by Thomas. The kids loved it.

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