Toy Hunt – Toys Received this Christmas

This week’s theme for Toy Hunt is toys received on Christmas!

Kyla received this Cinderella figurine set from her ninang Suzette

Toby received this Thomas the Train medium set from his ninong Joey


  1. rayearth2601 says

    very cute and great toys…

    they must be happy and so glad

  2. Your son will surely enjoy thomas 🙂 i learned it’s like a collectible na rin.btw, nice header Chris!

  3. FickleMinded says

    my son loves Thomas too,actually that was his first choice before Diego.and yes, your blog is pretty indeed!!

  4. People with Cameras says

    Awwww….you kids are precious! 🙂 And the look very happy with their new toys.

  5. you have a very pretty angel and adorable son, looks so happy with their gifts…

  6. hi chris, merry xmas and happy new year. My contest has start

    you are invited to take part just follow rules 🙂 easy as 123

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