When SAHM one speaks: Christmas Gifts

Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? What’s on your list?

I am not yet done with my Christmas shopping. We have already bought gifts for our “inaanaks” and extended family members and a few friends. But I have not yet bought any gifts for my hubby and kids. I cant seem to think of any gift for them that would fit my budget. I have a tight budget. Do you have any suggestions? Most of the gifts we bought were books, clothes and toys.


  1. the blogger says

    For kids I always look for toys on special or at markets for cheap things to fill up stockings with. Good Luck.

  2. momstheword says

    How about making a cassette tape of you reading the book? You could take a little bell and ring it or tell them when it’s time to turn the page. That way, they could “read” the book all on their own for the times when mommy is cooking dinner or something.

    You could also tell stories and sing songs on your mommy tape. They could play it at naptime as they fall asleep or something.

    When the kids are little, it’s so easy to stay within budget, I think. They just seem to love getting toys.

    My hubby and I agreed to not spend anything on each other when the kids were little. It just wasn’t in the budget. Even now, we don’t spend very much. Our Christmas budget is only about $100-$150 per kid, and much, much less than that on ourselves. We probably spend about $50 on each other, if that much. It’s such a blessing to have Christmas paid off, though, and to not be in credit card debt.

  3. Thankfully we don’t ‘do’ presents at Christmas, because it’s custom in the Netherlands to celebrate the birthday of Sinterklaas with presents.

    I’m on a budget too, and I’ve often made the mistake of buying a lot of cheap crap, because I wanted to pinch my pennies. This year I decided to go for quality instead of quantity. I stayed away from the cheap, breaks-when-you-look-at-it-stuff, and bought just one or two quality gifts.

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