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Since I have joined the blogging world last September, I have visited many sites and have noticed that most are into blog advertising. I did not have a clue that one can earn from writing reviews of certain products, websites, companies or services. I was quite curious how blog advertising works so decided to click the button from someone’s site. I found out that all I have to do is register and sign up in Once I have put some codes on my site and payingpost have verified my blog, I can login and check for opportunities that are available for me to write about. It is simple. A blogger can earn other ways too. One can join their affiliation program. All one needs to do is post the banner and hope that others would click on the banner and sign up at too! Another way is by allowing the advertisers contact you directly by putting another button on your site.

Wasn’t that easy? I really believe that paid blogging and blog advertising will work especially now that there is a difficulty in job hunting. Companies also do not want to spend much on advertising. Bloggers can review their offered products and share their opinions. Now, I am going to try this and let’s see what happens.


  1. momstheword says

    I have seen blogs where people are paid to review a product and always wondered how that happened. Now I know!

  2. whoa! this is pretty interesting. i already clicked the payingpost site and will find out if it would work for me as well. tnx for this info!

  3. Thanks for the tip…. will check into it 🙂

  4. thanks for this. I'll try my luck in paid blogging 🙂

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