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Help!!! I don’t know how to teach Toby to finish eating what he starts. You see, Toby loves to eat. He keeps eating anything he sees. He loves to try different food. He keeps eating almost every hour. The problem is he doesn’t finish what he opens. For example, he would open one pack of biscuits, just before he could finish it, he throws it and wants to get another one. The same goes for sandwich, he would eat one but before he could finish it, he would say he doesn’t want it anymore. Then in less than an hour, he would want to eat again… but he doesn’t want to eat his leftovers!

Do you have any similar experience? Any tips on what I should do?


  1. I shared this same scenario with my son…what I did:

    I give him food in small amounts first, even with juice drinks. Eventually, he’ll ask again if he still want some more. I also buy biscuits and the likes in small packs para eksakto at ubos talaga. Tapos tell him to ask again if he finishes his first share.
    With the sandwich, ganun din, I cut in into four squares para madaling kainin at madaling niyang maubos. I hope some of these will help…

  2. ahahaha same with my ETHAN =)
    he ussually ask for food tapos kapag kinagatan n nya or nabuksan at nakainan n nya hingi sy aulit bago! ahahha
    kaya dapt walang nakikitang food minsan kasi pag me nakikita hingi ng hingi at d nmn inuubos ahaha!

  3. yeah magndang idea yan miss enchie!!! =) tama dapt masipag ka! Heheh ako kasi nde ko n minsan nababantayan eh and kdalasan hinahain ko marami kaya lahat kinakgatan then binabalik kuha ulit sya ng bago aahahaha! parang daga!

  4. i agree with jess, if i were you i wont show him lots of food, just one kind. and if possibel show food only during snack and meal times.i hope this helps

  5. sweetytots says

    i don’t have the smae problem, because ever since little J learned to eat I see to it that she finish it first before she ask for another one. She usually does, even with rice, she gets a little a just enough for her to finish and and we wants more she just gets so more, she is not allowed to get off her chair unless she finish her plate, but I do let her getaway with veggies left over, she usually takes out bell peppers and onions. I just wish I can make her do the same with toys, she usally takes out one set of toy and after a few minutes takes out some more until the living room is filled with different kind of toys. I am trying to train her to keep her other toys first before she takes out another one. I am having such a hard time on that. That’s another reason why there is a “no new toy policy”.

  6. sweetytots says

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