Eye Discharge

For the past few days, Toby has colds and cough. He also has some eye discharge especially early in the morning. We have noticed that whenever Toby has some colds and cough, he would also have some eye discharge for a couple of days. It really gets me worried but eventually, as he gets better, the discharge also goes away. So, I am observing and waiting for his colds and cough to get better and see whether the discharge will also go away.

Here are some more information I want to share with you. Its taken from Home Treatment from Pinkeye and Eye Discharge.

In older children, conjunctivitis often accompanies a viral cold. Eye discharge of a viral origin is usually mild and not as thick as in more severe bacterial infections.

Eye discharge in bacterial infections is usually very heavy and thick, and the pus forms a heavy crust. Children often wake up in the morning with their eye glued shut. A lot of discharge can run from the eye as well.

Bacterial infections require a visit to the doctor and some prescription eyedrops.

Viral infections related to a cold or flu will clear up by themselves in time.

In all the cases, a safe and practical home supplemental treatment suitable for babies, children, and adults, is available in the form of chamomile solution. Chamomile is a well known herb, widely used in Europe for its anti-inflammatory effect.

You can make your own solution simply by steeping an organic chamomile tea bag for 15 minutes. Simply pour some boling water over the tea bag, cover, and let it sit for 15 minutes. Always let it cool down to luke warm temperature before applying to the eyes. Use a clean cotton ball or a cotton cleansing pad, soak it in the luke warm liquid and gently wipe the infected eye. Never use the same cotton ball or pad on both eyes. Discard after one wipe. Don’t double dip. Repeat with a new ball or pad at least three times at a time, or until you get most of the discharge off. Repeat 3 or 4 times a day or as needed.

The luke warm temperature of the chamomile solution helps to wipe the discharge away more easily than a cold solution would.


  1. Mary Ann Moreno-binuya says

    Hi! Thank you for the award! I hope your child Toby is alright. God Bless!

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  3. nangyare dn sa mga kids ko yan last e
    nitong january lang
    nagmumuta and halos d makaldilat sa umaga!

  4. I hope Toby feels better soon. It’s hard for us mom when our kids are sick, they get so clingy. I feel bad for my son and wish that I was the one who is sick instead of him.

  5. Hi Chris, when my Izabela had colds couple of weeks ago, the doctor immediately prescribed us to buy an eye or ear drop. I think if children have colds ganun talga they will have eye discharge. Wawa if the child gets sick coz mommy cant rest too right? hope hes ok now. Oh, let him drink cranberry juice or tea too. It will help at this time na medyo weird ang weather.

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