Goals for 2009

New year has started and its been 13 days since. How fast time passes us by, doesn’t it? Before it gets too late, I wanted to share my goals for the year. So that you can help me, by reminding me about them from time to time.

Instead of having year long goals, this year, I have goals for the month. Hopefully this way, the goals will be more achievable 🙂 I have already achieved some of my goals for this month, like revising my blog layout and starting a picture meme 🙂 I will be putting a list together and placing them on my sidebar soon. Don’t forget to check it out!

How about you? What are your goals for the year?


  1. Journey on! by Kelleye says

    Like your blog- found it at stacy random thoughts!
    I gave up on goals1 but good luck with yours!

  2. nice idea Chris!!! I’m also for goals this year. I find it easier to follow.

  3. sweetytots says

    nice chris, i have the same idea why i posted Money Anlysis and Resolutions.. to keep me reminded on my goal..

  4. Evan's Mom says

    I still owe some goals from 2008 & will try to finish them first before making a new one. It's good to have goals though, so good luck with your goals 🙂

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