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I have been a stay-at-home mom since my eldest child was born. I personally took care of her needs and we also breastfed exclusively for 11 months. When my 2nd baby came, we also breastfed until he was 23 months old. Due to the demands of breastfeeding and caring for babies, I seldom went out and didnt have much time to shop.

I usually used the Internet to browse and shop for things I need. I found ShopWiki. This site searches for products that are on sale over the Internet. It is not a store but it functions more like a web search. So, as I was looking for baby and toddler stuff over ShopWiki, i found good deals as I get to compare prices from different stores.

I love looking for books for my kids. And this is one book that I want to have. I was glad “Love You Forever” on their list as I have been looking for it for quite some time now.

If you are a mom like me, who is pressed for time, I recommend you try using ShopWiki too.


  1. Stacy's Random Thoughts says

    I’ll have to check it out! I do a majority of my shopping online because it’s so convenient! 😉

  2. true! it’s hard to find time for shopping activities when you’re breastfeeding. i also shop online. wikishop is good. you can also try, there’s a lot of shops you can choose from. most of them are giving cheaper goodies. try 🙂 happy shopping!

  3. hi!!! hehehe is this an opp? wer? hehehe nweis if you love to shop for books i do sell books too!!! and bags…it’s just that i have no tie to post it yet hehehe =) re with the books i am negotiating with sweetytots hehehe =) sa bags, wala pa ehehe pero me pag kukuhanan n ko ahahha! kelangan dami raket para ami kita ahahha =)

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