Mommy Moments – Latest Birthday Photos of Kids

mommy moments
Hello! This week’s mommy moments is latest birthday photos of your kids!

Kyla celebrated her 4th birthday on Feb 10, 2008. We went to Fun Farm during the morning and ate pizza for her celebration at our house.

Toby just celebrated his 2nd birthday on December 29, 2008. We celebrated his birthday at my parent’s place in Manila and we went to Subic.

Now, its your turn! Come and join us! Share your precious mommy moments with us!


  1. I love Kyla’s cake, so cute! I’ll work on my entry for tomorrow.

  2. weeeeeeeeee happy mommy moments!!!! ISHI loves dora!!! =)

  3. blessedmom says

    wow! happy birthday to both of ur cuteee kids! 🙂 my eldest is turnin 2 next month same age as excited! 🙂

    thanks a lot for the visit sis! 🙂

  4. Evan's Mom says

    Ah a Dora fan 🙂 soon she’s having another birthday. Mine is ready too Christ.

  5. hi chris, miss anne is actually my boss in real estate hehehe =) she’s new in blogosphere =) lets all welcome her!! Hehehhehe =)and mommy moments is her first meme hooray!!!

  6. life's journey says

    Nice pictures of the whole family…
    Mine is also up.

  7. Happy Birthday to you Kyla and Toby ate. I love the cake and the Carabao riding. I add my myself to your list.

  8. another post from my other blog =) thanks!!!

  9. sweetytots says

    Wow!! Ocean Adventure! Im sure you all had fun!
    my entries are hereand here

  10. cute Dora’s cake

    My first entry MM this week : in HERE. Hope you have time to visit . Thanks

  11. I love Kyla’s bday cake 🙂 its nice to choose from some cute designs noh? :). And experiencing a carabao ride is surely a great one for a child’s special day.Habol ako Chris!!! Im doing my Mommy Moments now…

  12. earthlingorgeous says

    Kewlness! I love Birthday Parties!

    I’ll hop in again! Hey Cris I’ll add you to my links on my Earthly Explorations and the other is on My Happiness Haven.


  13. earthlingorgeous says

    done with my post 🙂 and with linking you. oh btw are you just around metro manila area?

  14. earthlingorgeous says

    I would like to invite you to a mom-bloggers event tomorrow kasi bring your kids it’s highly encouraged. Pls. message me if interested.

  15. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    done with my post mommy!!!

  16. Hello Chris! I hope to join by next week. Aw! Kyla’s cake is so cute! One of my cousins’ birthday is February 10. She’s now 22 years old, a 2nd Lieutenant Sharp-shooter Awardee and works as a nurse in the Marine Corps… I bet Kyla will grow as smart as my cousin. Same birthdays eh! 😀

  17. SearchingWellness says

    And Kyla has Dora’s hairstyle. Sooo cute!

  18. Just finished commenting on other Mommy participants.. My gosh. my eyes are sore to seeing Dora haha.. buti I still have no baby girl.. haha

    Is that a real carabao? where is that Fun Farm?

  19. Gosh! Am I too late!?

    Anyways,Ocean is a cool place to treat kids on their birthdays! 🙂

    Mine is up! Hope to see you there! 🙂

  20. Hi Mom Chris,,, A farm party that would be nice,, Which farm did you go?? I might take the kids to the farm when we go there on a holiday para makakita ng kalabaw!!!! ha ha hapati na hubby ko para makasakay din

  21. Stacy's Random Thoughts says

    My Little Princess LOVES Dora, too! 🙂

  22. Ang saya naman na mommy moment to … out of town lagi ang drama hihihi.

  23. Hi Chris, join ako sa mommy moments. belated birthday to your kiddo.

  24. oh no! late na naman ako. will do this tomorrow! 2 days late. hehe.

  25. dear chris! i hope i can joy on next mommy moments.. am excited.. 🙂

  26. posted mine on my baby’s blog already chris!!

    thanks so much!! 🙂

  27. i posted my entry already
    better late than never 😀

    cute ng cake ni kyla

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