Symptoms of Asthma Attacks

My daughter Kyla has some colds and cough for a few days now. 2 nights ago, she started coughing non-stop again. This is a symptom of an asthma attack. So last night, we started to use the Nebulizer to help her breathe and stop the severe coughing. She has been diagnosed to have asthma on 2008. Her pediatrician mentioned to us that once a person has been diagnosed with asthma, it is a lifetime illness. It can not be cured but a person can be given maintenance medications so asthma attacks are lessened. Asthma attacks are common on cold weather, like what we are having for the past week. Let me share with you some common symptoms of asthma (taken from Asthma in Children)

  • wheezing
  • cough – chronic or recurring (worse particularly at night and in the early hours of the morning)
  • pain or a tight feeling in the chest
  • shortness of breath
  • flaring of the nostrils when breathing in (especially in children)
  • interrupted talking
  • agitation
  • hyperinflation (appearance of hunched shoulders, hunching forward or preferring not to lie down)
  • We may notice that our child has less stamina during active playtime than his or her peers. Or the child may limit his or her activity to prevent coughing or wheezing. The child may have heavy breathing, shortness of breath, and wheezing at rest or with exercise. These symptoms may be subtle and only recognized during activity.

    Asthma is hereditary. If you or your spouse has asthma, there is a big chance that your kids will have it too. Knowledge about asthma and its symptoms can help us to detect whether our kids are having asthma attacks already.


    1. i think having an asthma is so hard fo rthe kid, howd you handle things pag sinusumpng ang baby mo?
      wawa nmn….buti me pang maintain no. Baby ko nung nagkaronng kawasaki disease nakaka awa sya. Nakaktakot magkasakit ang mga bata d b? =( sana maging maayus nmn ang baby mo =)
      nga pla tnx for dropping by, yeah thanks to you at nakaraos n ko sa pag awat sa son ko! Na mi miss ko yeah pero tinitiis ko n dn =)

    2. when my kids are sick, it means i have to be extra patient and that i have to cuddle them more often. they want to be snuggled to sleep too.

      right now, i just hug Kyla and pray for her. i assure her and tell her stories too. if she doesn’t get better in a day or two, we have to bring her to the pedia-pulmonologists. Maybe she needs more meds.

    3. Mommy Chris I hope Kyla is doing better na…I would do the same hug her and keep her comfortable. A mother’s care and presence makes the child feel better.

    4. Andrea Singer says

      Great info! My husband’s sister has asthma so I’m watching for any signs in my son. It’s always sounded so scary to me. By the way, thank you for the nice comment on my blog!

    5. Tsk! I feel for you Chris. I mean Mia doesn’t have Asthma pero when you hear them having problems with breathing, kaka-panic talaga!

      I hope Kyla’s doing fine now.

      God bless your fam!

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