Toy Hunt – Farm Animal Toys

This week’s toy hunt is farm animal toys. Here is my entry!

This is Toby’s farm animals shape sorter.

Join us at Toy Hunt!


  1. Those are cute. We live on a farm, so A LOT OF PEOPLE have given my daughter COWS. We have every type of stuffed cow imaginable. Ha.

    Take care!

  2. yeh farm anmals =)
    hehehhe cte nmn ng toy n yan =)

  3. so cute and colorful 🙂
    have a great weekend Chris!

  4. Farm animals and educational!!!!! Opps this toy reminded me that the kids have some more farm animals ,, I forgot about that because it was packed away in the garage for goodwill…

    have a wonderful day Mom Chris

  5. Hi, mommy! yeah, yours are educational.. I am late again.. haven’t posted mine yet. ^^

  6. Very nice shape sorter! 🙂

  7. ops.. wrong link hehe

    very nice and educational toy..

    My entry is late na 🙂

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