Toy Hunt – Round Toy

This week’s theme for Toy Hunt is Round Toy/s!

This is a round shape sorter. It is actually Kyla’s toy, but now it has been passed on to Toby 🙂

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  1. your sassy reporter says

    i’m so glad to have found another pinay mom blogger! you have a cool blog here. i will definitely be back! see you around!

  2. Chris! My twin sister and I used to have that type of shape sorter! We have been trying to find it for so long but we had no luck! (Or maybe we were looking at the wrong malls/places…)I’m just glad that it is still in the market. 🙂

  3. Great round toy. I remember my son has the shape sorter as well… happy weekend!

  4. That’s a great round toy. Have a nice day, Chris!

  5. FickleMinded says

    that was really a nice round toys and educational too. 🙂
    i posted mine i hope you can visit. 🙂

  6. my son enjoyed his shape sorter too…its great helping with the kid’s development 🙂

  7. Mom Chris is that Tupperware shape sorter toy??? kasi we have a shaper similar to that…

  8. oh shape sorter.. really nice and educational toy.. I guess this kind of toy is one of the oldest in the market.. hehe..

    Cabuyao? lapit lang pala.. what are the attractions there?

  9. educational round that before too. check mine too!

  10. The sorter…Ki got a several shape sorter last year. It’s a great educational toy except when the shapes gets scattered around the house…and me stepping on them. lol!

  11. People with Cameras says

    Oh my nephews have this toy and it keeps them occupied for so long! THey really enjoy playing with it.

  12. ei ganda nyan toy for kids….hehehe =) kaya lng ung ganyan nmin d bilog….square and plane shape.

  13. My little one had this great toy when she was younger. We had many hours of fun. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

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