What Breaks A Mom’s Heart?

Nothing is more disheartening and heartbreaking for a mom than to see her children in sickbed or in danger. I was just reading through my blog roll tonight when I saw my friend Dyes’ latest post about her son Jadon.

When the kids are sick or in danger, it just makes my heart bleed. I have seen my daughter cough non stop the whole night. But thank God she hasn’t been admitted to the ER yet. With my little boy, it is a different story. When he was just 6 days old, his pediatrician advised us to admit him to the hospital because his skin was still too yellowish for his age. She believed that it could lead to dangerous situations if he didnt get well from his jaundice. She had little Toby poked and pricked for several tests… and it just melts your heart to see your new born baby with all the IV and blood extractions. On our 4th day there, we were advised that we can go home the next day. His bilirubin count has already lowered significantly and he was out of danger. But they were still giving some medications through his IV. So, that night, when the nurse injected Toby’s IV with anti-biotic, for some reason, Toby let out a different sound of cry… a frail cry and I thought he wanted to feed already, but as I was positioning him, I noticed that his skin was turning blue and his veins were becoming very visible. I told my husband to call in the nurse at once! Toby’s body was already becoming stiff on my arms. I remembered letting out a cry “Jesus….”, it was all I can say. The nurses and the doctors came, they removed the IV and Toby was back to normal. We didn’t know what happened. It could have been a wrong dosage of the medicine, or an allergic reaction to the medicine. I was really thankful to God that nothing serious happened to Toby.

I know that nothing is more frightening for a mom than to see her child in danger or sick.


  1. sweetytots says

    ganun? kung ako un tinalakan ko ung nurse na nagenject.. they should really be careful … hmmp.

  2. oh my, what an awful incident to experience. thank God nothing serious happened after.

  3. what? thats terrible, hindi nila ma explain kung bakit nagkaganun ang baby mo? hay naku! dapt tlga maging maingat ang mga doctors and nurses, kasi andyan sila to save lives nde para lalung pahirapan ang pasyente!
    Nweis ganyan dn ang nangyare sa baby ko, the difference is napansin agad nila yun nng pinanganak ko plng sya kaya 10 days after p bago nmin sya naiuwi. yellowish dn kasi sya, medyo mababa ang redblodd cell, i think nakuha nya yun sa UTI ko nung pinagbubuntis ko sya. nag gamot ako ng UTI that tym pero sabi ng Pedia baka daw d sya gumaling kaya gnun. Pero nde lng nmn un ang possibility….i dunno kung anu.
    Hay, ang tindi tlga kapag ang ank n ang pinag uusapan, kasabay p nun nung nagka kawasaki desease ang ank kong panganay, sabay p sila na confine sa hospital. MAs grabe ke ishi dhil 10 days lang pla un kapag d naagapan, pedeng mamatay ang bata! nakakatakot, try searching about kawasaki desease. at ang masaklap pa dun 50K an gamot nya isang turukan lang! buti maliit sya kasi depende sa weight ang gamot. so mas mabigat mas madami ang dosage mas mahal! hays!

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