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Hi mommies! Another week is here. Its time for Mommy Moments again. This week’s theme is FEEDING TIME. You can post your kid’s baby pictures when they were nursing, bottle feeding or recent pictures feeding themselves. You can also share some stories ( tips for picky eaters or weaning tips…)

Here is my entry!

This is Kyla when she was 1 year old. I breastfed her until 11 months and stopped because I had to take some medications for my skin asthma. I shifted to bottle feeding and was only able to wean her when she reached 4. I stopped cold turkey. I already discussed with Kyla that she would stop using the bottle at 4. She cried for one night but she accepted it the next morning.

She can be a picky eater. But I am glad that she is more agreeable to try new food recently. I reward her with stickers or juice whenever she would try something new.

This picture above was taken last year. She was in a curious mood while we were in a restaurant. She wanted to taste her catsup with water! And she liked it! I know, its gross! But she was having fun… we couldn’t seem to stop her.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any nursing pictures with Toby. I breastfed Toby until 22 months. I let him use sippy cup, skipping the bottle altogether. I weaned him gradually but when the time came, I just decided to stop letting him nurse. It took 2 or 3 nights of crying but it was worth it. He was able to sleep through the night once he was weaned.

This picture was taken last year. Toby likes to try new food. Everything he sees at the table, he likes to try. Sometimes, he stuffs too much into his mouth and this is what happens!

Well, I would like to see your pictures and hear your stories!
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  1. im first! yey! nwei, do visit mommies! looking forward to reading your wonderful stories too! have a happy friday everyone!

  2. You’re lucky to have breastfed for that long for both your kids. My body didn’t produced enough milk so I only managed to breastfed till both my kids were 2 months.

  3. I like Toby’s pic,,,, is that a Jollibee chicken ??? just curious miss ko na kasi si Bubuyog….

    PS I would love to be added on your Mommy Moments member…..
    have a nice day…

  4. Your kids are so adorable. I love the last picture. So funny. Thanks for sharing. I’ve also posted a mommy moments post too. It’s my first time participating here. I love this theme. Thanks for hosting it. Take care.

  5. Pass muna ako dun sa Love Letter ate chris, hehehe!

  6. Its a good thing that toby likes to try everything. he will grow up healthy.and your daughter’s so pretty 😉

  7. gayahin ko yugn reward system mo kay kyla.. stickers and juice as a reward muakng ok tlga yan chris!!

    ur toby is liek my yena.. that’s good!!! they can get to try everything to their tummy’s content! hahaha

    mine is up chris, thanks again! i enjoy doing this every friday..

  8. Wow! 11 Months! Buti pa si Kyla. Good job ka talaga Chris. Ako pinabawalan ng pedia niya e. 🙁 Uhmmm… what about ketchup in popcorn? Mas gross ba? Pero type ko yun. 🙂 Kulit ng pic ni Toby kasing kulit ng picture ni Mia. 🙂

    Hay! mag-1 am na rito. Pinaghandaan ko ng todo ang entry ko this week. Eating este Food este Feeding time ba naman e. Paborito ko talaga ang topic. Haha!

    See you around. Bukas na ako mag-Mommy Moments blog hop. Patawad at antok na talaga ako.


  9. hello chris =)

    wow ang tagal mo nag breast feed for both toby and kyla!

    sana ako rin. pero hangang six months lng happy na ko pero sympre the longer the better.

    sometimes i also use medication for my skin asthma kaya lng topical lng. sbi doctor ok lng daw un.

    haha I know that Dora doll, my neice also has it. see you around chris =)

  10. My son also liked to try any food back then, but now he becomes picky. Love the pictures Chris 🙂
    Btw my post is ready too.

  11. That’s always good to try new foods. At least he’s not hard to feed.

  12. Laine's Cutie Abode says


    Love your mommy moments feeding time pics.

    and try ko din mag join and this is my 1st time to join a Mommy Moments Meme. 🙂

    God Bless

  13. hi! i’ll do this too, it seems fun 🙂 Will put a comment again once I’m done.

  14. mne is up na po!!! =)
    cute ni baby mo full n full ang mouth ahahahh!!!

  15. here’s another enrty ko po =) ty!!! takaw cguro ni baby boy ano! ahhaha bili kana ng books.bagay sa baby mo ung activity books ung drss up dolls or yung pop ups..=)

  16. Mommy Phebie says

    hi mommy cris, posting an entry for ur weeks meme… very 1st entry…God Bless

  17. earthlingorgeous says

    Nyahahahaha huli na naman ako ahahahaha! eto na ang aking feeding time mommy moments! 🙂

    Lol Toby looks so cute with his full mouth! LOL!

  18. wow…you know i envy mothers like you who breasfed their children successfully..hope i will be successful next time. ..I kinda late of joining because our internet connectioned failed this morning.

  19. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) says

    Awwww, cute pictures! I breastfed the Princess Nagger until about 2 weeks shy of 12 months – she decided she wanted to eat ‘regular’ food, so I switched her to baby food and gave her formula in a bottle. She tends to be a picky eater – it’s a challenge especially to get her to eat veggies! 🙂

  20. oops, mommy Chris, I wrote the wrong blog URL. sorry :o( Is there anyway to delete the first entry?

  21. Life's Journey says

    I like Toby’s picture he is cute in there. Nice pictures mommy. Mine is ready also…

  22. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    mice pictures mommy!

  23. Hi, Mommy Cris?

    Naku, ako nga rin iniisip ko kelan kaya ko ma-wean ang baby ko. Gusto ko pag 2 years na sya, fully bottle-feed na lang. Ngayon, pumapayag na sya na minsan na lang breastfeed.

    Iba-iba naman ang babies, diba?

  24. salamat sa dalw…opo mahilig akong magpa pic habng nagpapadede aahahahha!!! kaso ung iba kong mga shots halos labas tlga lahat kaya i cn post them ehheheh =)

  25. you are so lucy in terms of weaning.. my first born is now 5 and he still feeds on bottle from time to time.. I breastfeed him for a year and when I told him he needs to stop breastfeeding for the baby (I was pregnant then with our second baby) when he turns one, he just agreed, no fussing and crying. Mico’s case is different. I nursed him so long and weaning part is nightmare! LOl.. and now for Chico, well he seems to be as persistent as his Dico (MIco) so I am sure weaning him will be a nightmare again.. hehe

    as for the eating part, well they are not picky eaters, they can even eat veggies that I can’t eat hehe..

    Make or Break

  26. wala pa ko entry for mommy moments….waaahhhh!
    just dropped by today to say hi! just came home from a party in Makati….
    see you next time!

  27. Azumi's Mum says

    can’t wait to feed my baby solid foods, pero enjoy muna ako sa milk kasi easy lang eh lol..
    sorry ate chris late ako lagi, been busy as always.. i love mommy moments kaya kahit late, submit pa rin.

    take care///

  28. my second post for mommy moments. this is a lot of fun! 😀

  29. Mary Ann Moreno-binuya says

    hi mommy! sorry for not joining this week’s meme. I cannot find pictures for the week’s theme. Will try some other time.

  30. better late than never (again!)

    thanks chris!

  31. hi chris, thanks for letting me join kahit super late.. 🙂

    my post is here

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