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Hi! This week’s theme is Preggy Days. You can share with us a picture of you during your preggy days or your ultrasound pics and you can also share with us your pregnancy experience. I’m looking forward to hearing your stories, mommies!

This picture was taken when I was pregnant with our first baby. I had a very rough first trimester during my first pregnancy. I had hyperemesis. I was vomiting every thing that I ate and drank. I was even hospitalized for 2 days. I was absent from work mostly during the first 2 months. I lost weight during my first trimester. But after the first trimester, I was okay. I remmeber reaching 170 lbs! I was having my weekly checkup when OB-GYNE said I was 1 cm dilated. We were still allowed to go home but that night, I couldn’t sleep much anymore since I was checking regularly if my “bloody show” would progress. The next day, I had another check up and I was admitted to the delivery room already. I gave birth to a 3.4 kilograms (7.4 lbs) baby girl on my 39th week through normal delivery.

I didnt have any pics taken while I was pregnant with our second child. I had an easier first trimester with our second baby. Probably because I knew what to expect and what to do. Though I still had morning sickness (all throughout the day). I was also quite busy, I was a stay at home mom by then (Kyla was 2 years old). During my second and third trimester, I had occasional spotting. So I was diagnosed to rest more. On my 3rd trimester, I was also diagnosed with UTI so I was taking anti-biotics until I gave birth. I wasnt as heavy as my first pregnancy, I reached 155 lbs only this time. I was having my weekly checkup when OB-GYNE said I was already 3-4cm dilated. I didn’t even know. The next day, we went to St. Lukes Medical Center to be admitted. I gave birth to a 2.77 kilograms (6 lbs) baby boy on my 38th week through normal delivery.

I was very happy with my OB-GYNE. She was very helpful and I was really comfortable with her. Probably why I decided to avail of her services again for our 2nd baby even if we already live here in Sta Rosa and the hospital she is accredited in was still in Q.C. I realized that she was also one of the factors why I enjoyed my pregnancy and didn’t really have a hard time in my labor and delivery.

Of course, I attribute everything to God. He planned it all and I was just thankful that my hubby was with me at both instances. Exactly like what we prayed for. Thank you Lord for allowing to experience the marvels of pregnancy and allowing me to give birth to 2 precious babies. If he should bless us with more, I know He would prepare us for it. For now, we are a happy “family four”!

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  1. You looked so cute when you were pregnant. I also had a hard pregnancy. The entire 9 months in fact, but I have a beautiful baby girl to show for it. Thanks for sharing your special story.

  2. What an adorable picture! I had some vomiting for the first trimester, but not nearly as bad as yours! Beautiful story for Mommy Moments!

  3. Me too! my first 3 months was a rollercoaster. With the cravings, morning sickness. With my next child I already know what to expect and both my body and mind will be conditioned way ahead. 🙂 have a great weekend Mommy Chris!

  4. Me three! (Or four, five, six…) I guess a lot of us had a hard time eh? Well, that’s the beauty of it all. We knew that we can surpass everything for the love of our children.

    Labor and delivery for me is another love-hate story… 😀

    Take care!

  5. yey i can’t visit other moms yet, i hsve to go na.ill check yours mamaya and ill post my other entry lter heheh -=) happy mmmy moments!!!

  6. whoa it was the first threee months that’s tough right?? and the 170lbs?? wow!!! i reached until 128 lbs only.. hohoho

    i have mine here

  7. Nice story Chris, I too experienced spotting several times and I also thank God for this experience.

  8. Was I fortunate I didn’t have a difficult first trimester?! 🙂
    But I have high risk pregnancies so that compensates for the easy, no morning sickness 1st-2nd trimesters! But still, I loved and cherished the days I was pregnant! It’s so fun to feel something’s moving inside my tummy! 🙂

  9. I share your belief that children are gifts from God. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Mary Ann Moreno-binuya says

    being pregnant is the best thing that the woman can get because there is life in her womb. how hard will it takes, we are willing to sacrifice our own lives just to bring them to the world safely.

    this is my entry:

  11. I was one of the lucky ones who never experienced morning sickness during the early stages of my pregnancy. I did not have to absent from work, and I didn’t really have particular cravings, except I always wanted ulam na may sabaw, kahit ano lang. I controlled my sweets intake, though, because I was afraid of having gestational diabetes. Ergo, I only gained 15 or 16 lbs in those 9 months that I was heavy with my baby, which I lost quite quickly after giving birth. The only downside, I was ugly the whole time. Huhu!

  12. glad that your second pregnancy was no longer a rollercoaster ride mommy. i guess most moms would have a hard time the first time because we don’t know what to expect, right? and especially jan sa pinas, andaming pamahiin kaya tuloy nakaka-stress lalo! indeed, God is so awesome for giving us this gift of bearing children. God bless!

  13. I also have the same OB for both my babies. I was so at easy with her during my first pregnancy that I decided to go to her again when I found out that I’m carriying my second. The best part about going back to her is that she gave me a discount on her professional fee. I paid the same fee as I did with my first. Probably saves about 10-20 thousand. 🙂

  14. hello,

    found this meme somewhere and i thought it’s cool to join, being a mommy myself.

  15. oh i love to join! being pregnant is a bliss and i tell you eventhough i felt ugly while i was pregnant for the first time, i did enjoy every month of knowing that my lil one was miraculously growing everyday. glad i found this meme 🙂

  16. That must have been so hard for you.. I really hate it when I throw up excessively, you know when there still some lump on the throat and all your meal ends up on the sink and all your energy was drained because you have put it all on vomiting and your stomach starts to ache too.. oh my..

    I also had some infections during my last was hard to worry for the sake of the baby no?

    you are an angel talaga to bring Mommy moments to mommy bloggers. it is fun to read other mommy experiences.. makes you feel more normal LOL

  17. I keep vomiting as weel when i was pregnant. until around 6 months then stop….

    My entry for MM this week : in HERE. Hope you have time to visit . Thanks

  18. Chris.. how would you like to grab my button?

    eh by the way.. you started it with preggy days.. dapat kasunod giving birth experience haha

  19. Mine’s up Chris. You had a hard first trimester. I didn’t have it quite as bad though. Whoever labeled it “morning sickness” is probably a man because it lasts the wole day. LOL

  20. Stacy's Random Thoughts says

    What a CUTE pregnant mommy you were! 🙂 Sorry to hear you had a rough time the first pregnancy, and so glad your second was much easier. 😉 Babies are definitely a gift from God – he blessed me with a miracle! 🙂

  21. Such wonderful moments Chris. I think the first pregnancy is not that easy for a first time mom. Kaya dapat emotionally and physically healthy before getting pregnant right?

    take care and happy friday.
    my entry..

  22. ahaha ang taba taba ko kaya sa wedding ko…d n nga ko makalakd sa laki ng tyan ko ahahah =) tnx fr visiting =)

  23. i was grateful i didn’t have much of the paglilihi. birthing was a different experience though.

  24. life's Journey says

    Cute talaga ang buntis tingnan hehe

  25. Aw.. I thought hirap na ko nun. haha. I also had troubles like UTI and excessive discharge that’s why i had to undergo CS.

    Congrats Mommy!

  26. a boy's mom says

    Hi chris, my first tri was ok, though I remember hating chicken the whole 9 months, hehehe!

    My entry’s up 🙂

  27. Azumi's Mum says

    Hello Momma chris.. Usually, first pregnancy could be difficult. I heard a lot of scary stories. Good thing we passed it and look at our babies now, so adorable =)

    Can i still post even if its sunday already? I really love this MOMMY MOMENTS.

  28. ღ pinaymama ღ says

    I was late! Sorry so busy!

  29. I’m happy to find this meme..Your preggy days is not easy. I can say it’s same with me with the first trimester. I could hardly eat because I always throw-up but after giving birth, i forgot those tough times everytime i see the smile of my baby. God bless.

  30. ate Chris, did i miss any MM? leave me a msg kasi di ko sure eh, hehehe!

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