My New Toy

Hubby gave me an anniversary present today… Its a…

Yipeee!!! Thank you so much!!!

Now, I got to learn how to use this…


  1. alright! welcome to the dslr world.. sana hindi ka maligaw katulad ko haha..

    Make or Break

  2. Yipee!!! Pareho tayo! Bigay din ng husband ko yung DSLR ko same model. Enjoy your new gadget. I mean,the toy for the big girls.

  3. ayos! lahat na tayo dslr, hehehe!

  4. earthlingorgeous says

    wow ang sweet naman ni hubby!

  5. I love your new toy. It’s similar to mine.

  6. Azumi's Mum says

    omg i love it.. ganyan sana bilin ko kaso mas pinili ko ang point and shoot, isip ko kasi yung portability kasi may baby… post ka mga portraitures mo ha hihi

  7. FickleMinded says

    good for you!, mine is only 450D and I’m sitll trying to figure out everything! 🙂

  8. Oh…My …God!!!!! Tlga meron ka ng DSLR? Ahhhh sweet nmn ni hubby hehehehe =) i dnt thnk my hubby can afford that ahahha =)well, we always wanted to have one like that pero d p ngyun hehehhe …how much bili sa ganyan if you dnt mnd so i have idea =)

  9. ang chochal naman ng mga mommies! ako kaya kelan magkaka-ganyan hehehe

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