My Valentine’s Day

I am spending my Valentine’s day here at home with the kids. Hubby is out on a meeting with church leaders. My baby boy is sick! Since last night, he has been a bit warmer and couldn’t sleep straight. This morning, I could tell he is sick, because he is not his usual bubbly self. He always wants to be cuddled and is still a bit warm. His body temp is slightly higher than his usual. Hope its not something serious.

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  1. Journey on! by Kelleye says

    Have a Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Happy Valentines day to you Mommy Chris..

    Sad to hear that your baby boy is sick.. hope he will feel better soon so he can enjoy the weekend.

  3. Must be going around this year… I’m home with a sick little one, too! 🙂 Hope he gets well soon.

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