Progress Report

Today was the PTC meeting with Kyla’s teacher. She handed me the progress report of Kyla. Academically, Kyla is doing very good. She has improved in all her subjects except Filipino. It was great to know that she has also improved socially. According to her teacher, she now makes conversations with fellow classmates. Though she still needs more exposure in order to develop her confidence and speaking skills. Speaking or performing in front is a HUGE deal for Kyla and the last time they had their book week presentation, she refused to participate. Coming this February, there are some more school activities, I have been preparing her by talking to her about it already and practicing at home. I hope she overcomes her stage fright and may she develop her confidence. I have mentioned before that Kyla has a slow-to-warm-up personality and has to be prepped when there are events and changes coming her way.

Do you have similar experiences with your kids? I would appreciate any advice.


  1. my kids are easy going but cries a lot LOL.. I think a way to develop her confidence is to let her do the ordering or the paying on your Mcdo times.. or you can ask her to ask for a tissue at the counter.. simple things like that..

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