WFW: Proverbs 29:15

Discipline is an area in parenting that I am still learning. My soon-to-be 5 years old daughter and my 2 years old son needs guidance and needs to learn their limitations. They must also learn obedience and that their actions produces consequences. There are times I just don’t know how to implement or what kind of discipline will be most effective. Truly, this is a prayer item in my life right now. I thank the Lord for His Scriptures which remind me that discipline is important and that God expects us to discipline our children.

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  1. Oh, I suddenly remember my mom. I am sorry mom, sometimes I disputed with you. Thank you for sharing.

    Happy WFW!

  2. discipline with love. you can never go wrong. happy day!

  3. I agree with OMM, discipline with love.

  4. Laurie Ann says

    Happy WFW! I will be praying for you as you seek God’s guidance in disciplining your children. I’m with the others, though, disiplining with love is the way to go.

  5. It’s always hard to deal with the undisciplined today and later in life. May the Lord lead you in how best to discipline your little ones…

  6. Funny, my daughter in law just got out an old paint stick to use to discipline her children!!

    Yes, do it when they are young and be consistent.

    It will PAY OFF!!!!

  7. Michele Williams says

    I remember that paddle! Love the pic and verse…

  8. I have to admit, a rush of childhood memories came flooding back at the sight of the familiar pine paddle. 🙂

    I too have been seeking wisdom recently in disciplining our girls (4 1/2 and 2). I have been asking God how I can address the issues of the heart when I discipline, instead of just using discipline to modify their behavior. I read a good book, Parenting is Heart Work, that got me thinking about that.

  9. a very moving verse! thanks. sometimes it’s hard to remember that all the anguish it takes to discipline really is worth while!

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