At The Well – Friendship With Our Husbands

Gathering At the Well

The discussion questions for this week:
What other scriptures did you find pertaining to friendship?

Perhaps one of the most famous scriptures on friendship is Prov 17:17 “A friend loves at all times”.
Another one is “He who covers and forgives an offense seeks love, but he who repeats or harps on a matter separates even close friends”. Prov 17:9
And Jesus said “You are My friends if you keep on doing the things which I command you to do.” John 15:14
“No one has greater love [no one has shown stronger affection] than to lay down (give up) his own life for his friends.” John 15:13

How do those scriptures relate to your marriage?

Hubby and I became friends first before we got married. We were in the same group of friends in church. Friendship is what goes us together in the first place. Now, to keep our relationship alive and thriving, I believe we have to have a solid friendship. One that is based on the Bible. Looking at the scriptures I have mentioned above, I believe that I need to love him unconditionally and accept him for who he is. Like a true friend does. I need to have forgiveness in my heart for his short comings. I need our friendship to grow, just like plants, we need sunlight, water and space so it will grow healthy and strong.

What are some ways you die to self in your marriage?

By not being too proud to admit if you are wrong.
By serving and submitting to my husband.
By sharing and supporting his mission and vision in life.

Do you have any ideas as to how we can develop a deeper physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy with our husbands?

I think as wives, we should be transparent to our husbands. Sometimes, we need to tell them what we really feel and share it to them (because at times, they can really be clueless about what’s going on). We also need to be interested in what they are doing, whether it is work-related, ministry-related or other stuff. We can offer our support by lending them a hand in areas they are struggling with instead of nagging.
Of course, we need to really read the Word and spend time with God. When our husbands come home, we can pray together and share our spiritual insights with them.

How do you sharpen your husbands countenance?

My husband is a very busy man. He works full time as an IT Manager and he also is a Pastor in our church, focusing on small groups. Most of the time, he is tired when he is home. I try to encourage him and tell him he is doing a good job. I listen to him and give my opinion when he asks for it. I support him in his endeavors in whatever way I can. I know I am no where near pearfect. I just really want to be his helpmeet. That is why I married him in the first place. I know I can still do much better, I just need to continually connect with God and learn from others too.


  1. HI, I just came across your blog from Mom’s the Word, and I became a follower and grabbed your button, too 🙂

    this was a nice post and a great reminder for all of us. I did a Bible Study on marriage last year and covered these points, but it sure is easy to forget! Thanks for the reminder and sharing!

    I’m also looking forward to start joining in on Mommy Moments! Great idea!

  2. Thanks Chris for this post! what a great inspiration to start the week!

  3. Thanks for sharing today and encouraging us on being friends with our husbands. Great point on being transparent. Men are truly wired different and can be clueless to things going on with us. Loved reading this today!

  4. Laurie Ann says

    I really enjoyed your thoughts At the Well today! I love how you mentioned lending support rather than nagging. Very good point!

  5. Great post! It is hard sometimes to encourage instead of nag, but God gently nudges when we do right by them. 😀

  6. Hubby also works in IT.. and most of the time pagod talaga sya.. ganun din ako when he is talking about his job.. kinig ever.. kahit minsan di ko gets ung mga codes.. java etc LOL

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