Farewell, Francis M

I never knew I had such high regards for Francis M until he was gone. Probably because he was a great man. A man who stood for what he believed in, a man who was brave, a man who had a great heart, a man who shared his life to others. Even if he was facing life’s toughest challenge, he still chose to be an inspiration to others….

I salute you Mr. Francis Magalona. I will not forget the lessons I have learned from your life. Again, thank you for being an inspiration.


  1. earthlingorgeous says

    I still can’t stop crying every time I see TV specials about Francis M’s death. I get goose bumps and really cried literally. He is one of the artist I really cried for. He will sorely be missed. Haaaaaay.

  2. bye francis M!!!! i will miss him!! ilove his song Mga kababayan nung bata ako untill now…i used to sing that kapag masaya ako =0 hehehe

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