Francis M: An Inspiration to Many

I am not really an avid fan of Mr. Francis Magalona, but I admire him for his professionalism, patriotism and how he is an inspiration to many celebrities and to us common people. His songs have been part of my growing up years. And of course, he is my hubby’s favorite artist.

After finding out this afternoon through an email of his demise, I watched the announcement of Eat Bulaga through You Tube. I couldnt help but shed a tear. I know he was a good man and a man with a big heart. He would surely be missed by a lot of people.

Thank you for your music, your influence and your faith.


  1. i like francis m….so sad na wala n sya, miss ko n nga sya nung wala sya sa eat bulaga eh….pero masaya n dn ako sa kanya dhil d n sya naghihirap ngyun…. =)

  2. i am a fan of the master rapper. upon knowing his death through a colleague who is also an avid fan, i felt sad. the showbiz industry just lost “the man” of genius art and music. his music transcends mediocrity. he is one big icon and idol to most filipinos. he is my idol. he will forever be my idol. i pray that another one of his high-caliber breed would rise (maybe one of his children who knows) and prove to us again that a filipino can be great. peace and love to francis magalona’s family and friends.

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