Potty Training Update

Since last Saturday, I have started to potty train my little boy. We have removed his diapers during day time. I bring him to the bathroom every 2 hours or less. So far, we have only been successful once a day. Most of the time, he just pees on his underwear. Well, its only been less than a week… so I know it may take a few more weeks before he is completely trained.


  1. Don’t give up hope…as long as you are consistent, he will get the hang of it!

  2. It will take time and a lot of patience. Not to forget, paper towels.

  3. hi! si ethan knows how to wee wee na sa bathrom hehehe =) ang pag poop nga lang parang nahihiya or ayw magpadala sa CR pag napapansin kong napo poo poo sya hehehe =) kaya yun napo poo poo sa brief…matagl na syang d nag da diaper ehehehhe 2 mos na! =) d ko pla nai bo blog ung mga gnung bagay ahaha nakakaimutan ko!

  4. Beth in NC says

    Oh, I pray it will be quick and easy. I’ve never trained a little boy. My daughter was such a breeze once I was consistent.

  5. heheheh d p sya nagsasabi ng poo poo pero wee wee oo heheheh nag start lng kme ng nde sya nag da diaper
    hinayaan ko mag wee sa shorts
    ahhahaha tpos everytime n mag we wee wee sya sa shortsa sasabihin ko lang magsasabi sya ng wee wee pag nawiwiwee n sya….tpos nagsasabi n sya kaso d p nya napipigilan nun…hanggang sa napipigilan n nya rn…tpos sa gabi nmn umiiyak sya naiihi n pla bbibtbtin ko sa cr hehehe patatayuin ko sya tpos hanggang sa nakasanayan n nya pero mnsan na we wee wee p dn pag nalilibang d nagsasabi eh ehhehe =)

  6. onlinemommy says

    Hi Mommy Chris,

    Thanks for your comment. I’ve read your post and I will try it with my daughter.

    Keep you posted with any updates.

    God Bless dearie.

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